UKIP announce MEP candidates for the South East

Candidates for the 2014 MEP elections are announced by the UK Independence Party.

Nigel Farage

This in from UKIP HQ, in their own words. Ed

UKIP have today announced the list of candidates who will run in the South East in the 2014 European Elections.

The list was decided by a national ballot of party members and candidates were ranked accordingly.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage tops the list in the South East and is joined by Janice Atkinson and Diane James. Cllr Ray Finch who leads the UKIP group on Hampshire County Council holds the fourth position.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said:

“UKIP are putting forward a number of exceptionally high calibre candidates for the 2014 European Elections which we are hoping to win. The plan is now to turn the elections in May into a referendum for the British people and cause an earthquake in British politics.

“UKIP is the only party serious about quitting the EU and getting back control of our country from Brussels.”

The candidates
Nigel Farage is a UKIP MEP for the South East of England. Elected in 1999, he has used his experience of the EU to increase awareness of its activities back home in the United Kingdom. He is the UKIP leader, a position which he has held since 2010. He recently came 2nd in the Daily Telegraph list of ‘Most Influential people on the Right.’

Janice is a political and social commentator for the Daily Express, the Huffington Post and formerly for the Daily Mail. In business, she provides trade not aid for the third world via and is welfare policy advisor to UKIP. She believes in enabling women but not via quotas and tokenism. She was the Daily Mail’s Quentin Letts’ Woman of the Year in 2011 when he said she is ‘everything that Harriet Harman is not.’

UKIP Borough Councillor and Group Leader at Waverley Borough Council in Surrey, Diane James made headlines when she stood for UKIP in the Eastleigh by election in February 2013, narrowly missing out on becoming the UKIP’s first MP. An impressive local and national campaigner, she is committed to securing for the British people a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU. Her experience in business makes her an ideal candidate to defend residents of the South East from unnecessary and unwanted EU regulation and bureaucracy.

Image: Euro Realist Newsletter under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 7th October, 2013 6:00pm



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  1. kevin barclay-jay

    7.Oct.2013 7:31pm

    Half of these candidate won’t even be members by the time the election comes around…Hampshire UKIP is in meltdown as we speak

    • kevin barclay-jay

      8.Oct.2013 1:44pm

      only 9 dislikes.

      Fareham UKIP Councilors in fighting and defecting to independent

      Eastleigh UKIPs two councilors quit the party over its disorganisation and racist members

      Andover in disarry with in fighting and defections

      Basingstoke in disarray over in fighting and defections

      A leader who has been outed as a teenage neo-nazi and labelled incompetant by members/other councilors/previous leaders

      • Braveheart

        10.Oct.2013 12:37pm

        It always surprises me when reading or listening to anything to do with ‘UKIP’ the upcoming ‘Fourth Major Party’ that everyone including our present parliamentary leader feels free to ridicule is in fact, a way of hiding the inevitable truth. UKIP members, not only listen to the people of what was once our great country but they are determined to act upon the things we feel most strongly about.

        The most important thing this country needs to become great again is a ruling government that looks after our own finances, and does not give Billions away the Brussels who in turn takes on the roll of the last German dictator. Millions of people in countries around the world are fighting to rid themselves of dictatorial leaders, yet our government strives to stay beholden to the biggest dictator of all times the EU.

    • Ukip are the greatest and any one with a brain cell must see that ,my country my opinion

  2. Don Smith

    7.Oct.2013 10:02pm

    Anyone except a Tory. UKIP’s support is growing; I can assure you Red-Kevin-Miliband-Barcley-Jay!

    [part of comment removed by moderator]

    • Better Red than Bled

      8.Oct.2013 12:37am

      I promised my grandad that I would never vote tory, and for 30 years it has been an easy promise to keep but gven the choice of “swivel eyed loons” that looms in front of me, I’d rather vote for the loons in suits rather than the loons in blazers! Forgive me Grandad.

    • kevin barclay-jay

      8.Oct.2013 1:36pm

      yet again Don you are so wrong….membership is down , more nut cases are coming out of the woodwork, more former members condemning Farage including previous Leaders, more Councillors being kicked off councils for failling to attend…

      A protest vote is a protest vote

    • kevin barclay-jay

      8.Oct.2013 1:38pm

      you are so right Don…back off to Bradford with you :)

      • Don Smith

        9.Oct.2013 12:35pm

        I’m a Boltonian. I came to the IoW at the request of HM the Queen.

        I now consider myself a missionary looking after the needs of the caulkheads.

        UKIP for ever. [part of comment removed by moderator]

  3. Ray Finch

    9.Oct.2013 11:04am

    Errr! Eastleigh UKIP councillors are all still with us. We have 3 not 2. Membership is up, and has been consistently, both in Hampshire and nationally. Indeed, it has doubled over the last couple of years.
    Andover working very well. We have active campaigns going.
    Basingstoke equally so.
    Nigel was the subject of a smear campaign and remains so by members of the establishment including the other parties and their tame media outlets. I have known him for many years and he is a democrat and has never been any form of extremist. Because they are frightened by the fact that Nigel and UKIP are the only ones fighting for the ordinary people of Great Britain the establishment are all attacking us. However our ever increasing vote share proves the people are with us.

    Hampshire UKIP is not in meltdown. We are having fun being the only real opposition to the Tories. All of my councillors were out last weekend working together as a team. I am certain I would have noticed if any were missing.

    I shan’t bother criticising your party. I prefer to work for and with my colleagues in UKIP to make Hampshire better rather than making silly and uninformed comments about others.

    • It is a sad irony that Farage is the only current political leader with a smidgeon of charisma. Pity about his one-pony party policies.

      Cameron is stuck with his Little Lord Fauntleroy image, Ed Milliband is a cyborg with a charisma y-pass, and Clegg (who?)who clings on by his teeth to the political power for which he sacrificed his political integrity and can be safely ignored.

      Who stands out at the next levels down?

      Theresa May is a “Thatcher-in-Waiting”- God help us! Boris Johnson has charisma but will be forever damned by his chosen persona of an amiable buffoon that many people would not hire to run a corner store. Ed Balls is… well what can one say except “no”?

      There is a dearth of political talent among today’s professional politicians, most of whom have had no real world experience having spent their working lives in and around Westminster.

      A charismatic dictator (left or right) would have a field day!

      • Ukip. Just love them all. I do hope the public wake up smell the coffee and realise if you vote the same rubbish back in this country will be ruined for good. BUT IF YOU VOTE UKIP THINGS WILL CHANGE FAST .SO COME ON PEOPLE BE ALERT WAKE UP THE CLOWN HAS GONE
        This is my country I want it back.

        • Teresa- take at look at what I said above.

          “There is a dearth of political talent among today’s professional politicians, most of whom have had no real world experience having spent their working lives in and around Westminster. A charismatic dictator (left or right) would have a field day!”

          …. and who is the charismatic ruler of all things UKIP?

    • Ukip are decent people who want this country back to its glory .vote ukip

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