Ventnor Community Foodbank receives generous donations

Cash donations have included £100, £200, and more recently a generous local resident donated £1,000. Details within

ventnor community foodbank

Since starting as an independent foodbank on 1st July, Ventnor Community Foodbank has been overwhelmed by the generosity of the local community.

The Foodbank has had a series of cash donation from individuals, faith, and community groups – with several people setting up Standing Orders.

Generous donations
Cash donations have included donations of £100, £200, and most recently, a generous local resident donated £1,000.

Steve Roth  said his donation was prompted after meeting a fellow dog walker who had been helped by the Foodbank,

“The Covid-19 disaster was prompting me to help some less fortunate then myself and thought the food bank would be a good place to start.”

75 people helped with food and supplies last month
Suzie Metcalfe of Ventnor Community Foodbank said,

“Thanks to Steve and the generosity of so many residents and organisations – our Foodbank has got off to an excellent start. During July we were able to help 75 people with food and supplies.

“It’s only through the generosity of people like Steve that we can help those in our community experiencing food poverty.”

Where and when
Ventnor Community Foodbank is based at Ventnor Baptist Church in Pier Street and is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 10am and 12 noon.

For more information please contact – Suzie Metcalfe on 07879270929 or [email protected]

News shared by Tony on behalf of Ventnor Community Foodbank. Ed

Monday, 17th August, 2020 12:26pm



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The Ventnor Food Bank is a wonderful local initiative. I am not rubbishing the other food banks, but it does bother me deep down that food banks have become a norm, and I also don’t particularly like that they have become somewhat ‘corporate’ in that a national charity has to run them (the Trussell Trust). Institutionalising food banks normalises the need as part of the system, meaning… Read more »

I totally agree with wighton; it is wonderful that so many people help out BUT it should not be neccessary. People should be paid enough or have enough benefits to buy the food they need.