Ventnor West Ward Election 07: Debby Robinson Wins

The election was won by now-councillor Debby Robinson.

Debby Robinson: Ventnor West Ward Election 07News just in direct from Simon at the Winter Gardens.

Congratulations to Debby Robinson who has just been announced winner of the Ventnor West Ward Election.

More details of actual numbers to follow tomorrow.

Commiserations to the other candidates. Unless anyone leaves the council in the meantime, the next election for Ventnor Town Council takes places in 2009.

We would just like to thank all the candidates for agreeing to be filmed and broadcast on VentnorBlog and taking part in Candidates Corner.

Thursday, 13th December, 2007 10:46pm



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7 Comments on "Ventnor West Ward Election 07: Debby Robinson Wins"

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Reasons for winning/losing. Louis. Sponsors name gave him no chance. Pity really Mark. Thinks he is already ON the council. Rude awakening. Steve. Maybe the public shied away from the Union connection. Peter. Had he worked harder on campaign, would have won. Debby. Property developer who won on anti property development. Sad thing is that only 28% of electors turned out and that speaks volumes for the… Read more »

@ Bertie – 28% (if that’s what it was, haven’t done the maths yet) is far from sad.
Normal turn out is 20-25% & on a freezing winters day, bang on top of Xmas a much lowerer figure than that was expected.
Many thanks to everyone who made the effort.
PS I’m not anti property development.

Sloop John B

Yes you are you have said clearly in your manifesto but forgetting to mention that you develope property yourself – Convenient. I hope you don’t abuse your position like other councillors.


Pity the snide remarks from people like Bertie and Sloop John B have started already, before they have even given Debby a chance. And by the way, there is a massive difference between renovating an existing small property so that it is fit for the holiday trade and throwing up a 5-storey block of 14 flats on our esplanade to sell off to absentee owners.

Louis Lawrence
I am ashamed of the fact that there are 800 people out there who didn’t bother to vote. Nevertheless there are those of us who continue to labour in the vineyard despite the general apathy of the population , many of whom are too ready to complain and criticise from the confort of their armchairs. Sorry people, you get the governent you deserve!(52% of people dont even… Read more »

Louis, It is a democratic right in this Country to vote for a Candidate of ones choice, it is also a democratic right in this country NOT TO VOTE if one doesn’t think any of the candidates are worth voting for. Maybe all candidates should think of that.