VB rebrands as OnTheWight

Welcome to Isle of Wight news site, OnTheWight. We’ve re-branded from VentnorBlog to OnTheWight.

VB rebrands as OnTheWight

Welcome to the brand new Isle of Wight news site, OnTheWight.

Formerly known as VentnorBlog, an award-winning Hyperlocal news site which ran for almost seven years, OnTheWight will continue to bring you news, views and reviews from across the Island, in the way that you’ve loved, but hopefully even more.

As you can see, it’s not just the name that has changed. OnTheWight’s newspaper-style layout will ensure you get to see the wide breadth of content published and hopefully you’ll find things that have been there, but you might not have seen before.

We know the changes could take you a little getting used to (that’s why we’ve been keeping you in the picture over the months), but we hope these changes will make the site all-the-more valuable to the Island, as you’ve told us VentnorBlog has become.

Very special thanks
Juggling the development of the new site, with its technical complexities, whilst continuing to publish 10-15 stories a day on VentnorBlog, has certainly been a challenge.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of some very special people.

First up, Isle of Wight graphic designer, Shaun Cuff. He’s been involved in the relaunch for well over a year, providing fantastic branding and design expertise along the way. Responding swiftly to brief and with the utmost professionalism, we’d have no hesitation in recommending Shaun for a design/branding job of any size.

On the technical side, WightGeek – who we’ve previously worked with on Armchair Auditor – has also been a great help. From assisting with css (Webpage layout) problems to server setup advice, it’s fantastic that he’s been there for us, always willing to help out as and when he can.

Fellow hyperlocal and WordPress master, Philip John from Lichfield Live has been amazingly supportive. Spending many hours discussing ideas, giving feedback and advice, Philip has shared ideas and acted as a much needed, objective sounding-board.

Thanks also to Island programmer Ben Haldenby for his afternoon of css wizardry early on in the creation. It was amazing how much difference a couple of hours with him really got us off to a strong start.

Thanks to you
Thanks also to all the VB readers who acted as testers for the new site, feeding back their user experiences and any bugs.

We’ve acted on many of the suggestions and others will be implemented over the coming weeks.

Finally, thanks to all our readers and advertisers who have supported VentnorBlog over the last (almost) seven years. Whether it be through supportive comments; personal donations; sponsored promotions or article contributions, your support means a lot to us.

Now starts a new chapter, VB has moved up a gear and OnTheWight is looking forward to a great future.

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Wednesday, 29th August, 2012 5:00pm


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  1. janetscott

    29.Aug.2012 5:38pm

    Hi Simon, Sal and Alpha.

    Congratulations. Well done!

    It looks exciting.

  2. simonhaytack

    29.Aug.2012 6:58pm

    The new site looks great! Good luck with everything, I’m sure the hard work will pay off. :)

  3. einsteinsghost

    29.Aug.2012 8:11pm

    Love it already. Was worth the wait!

  4. Clean site and easy to navigate.
    Can users re-set their password?

  5. playingthenumbers

    29.Aug.2012 8:28pm

    Well done – looking good

  6. Sorry, don’t know how to change password. Please help.

  7. I think you’re all brilliant. KUTGW!

  8. Thank you! This is a great new look and making it IoW-wide makes huge sense. Bob Bowden

  9. Starting to look good. Now do you have a public API so I can grab news articles for a mashup? :)

  10. To change password, click on your user name when logged on (there is a hyperlink) and it will bring up your profile page; you can change the password from there.

  11. Sally & Simon, what a great looking new site you and your people have created. Congratulations to you all and ‘Lang may yer lum reek!’

  12. What a spivving website! Tally Ho!!

  13. At the moment, with my first foray, I just feel blasted with a scatter-gun of items that I can’t organise! Also, it looks slick & unfriendly to me at the moment, as though the previous sense of human links have been severed. But I will persist, as I know from past experience of enforced changes of technology, that I come to acclimaise in time. Here’s hoping!

  14. I congratulate you on clean simple pages easy tabs not sure about colour scheme though

  15. Sally Perry

    30.Aug.2012 10:44pm

    Thanks for all the feedback and positive support. We realise that it may take time for some readers to get used to the new layout, but we hope that once you’ve settled into it, you’ll realise that it should open the content up to you in a far better way.

    Don’t forget that this is just the Beta site, so there will be further tweaks to the layout and functionality over the coming weeks. This will be based on your feedback as well as planned functions we’ve yet to turn on.

    The one person who I didn’t thank in the article, but should have done, is Simon. This has been a very long project and an extremely challenging one. If we were just building a new Website, it would have been finished a long time ago, but the technical complexities of transferring a 15,000+ archive of articles and ensuring comments, authors etc were maintained has brought with it a steep learning curve.

    Over the past couple of months, he has been working ridiculous hours, from early in the morning to very late at night (often the next morning) and has managed to remain sane throughout. At the risk of sounding very cheesy, I reckon he deserves a medal for his commitment.

    • He doesn’t need a medal, he’s got you! (Now who’s cheesy?)

      WRT the makeover, I like it more than I expected (!) but some of the text is quite hard to read. Standard fonts seem fine, but the articles and comments are a bit ‘spidery’ on my browser, e.g. under ‘What’s Happening Today’.

  16. I must be perfectly honest – A lot of work has gone into creating this site. However, I still prefer the old one. Like me it was old but so easy to navigate. Age perhaps. Well done, and I may just get used to it all – At least I am now logged in. Senior moments:-)

  17. I have been trying to find out when the Ryde Illuminated Carnival is, on OTW, but a search got me only one reference, from 2010. It didn’t see to be in the list of what’s on today. There was a Headfunk afer-event, but that didn’t tell me the times of the Carnival. In the end I googled on the net & found the Carnival website.

    Was there somewhere else on OTW, that I should have been looking?

  18. :-(

    Can’t find anything.

    Put a posting up about ‘The Friends of Shanklin Theatre’ and their Coffee Cake and Chat being moved from today to next Saturday.

    Think it fell off the end of Shanklin Pier, or was it Ventnor Pier :-(

    • Sally Perry

      1.Sep.2012 6:02pm

      Hi Mike – I wrote to you yesterday afternoon advising you to add it to the events listings. Just checked and you haven’t added it yet. Once you do, we’ll publish it.

  19. Thanks for adding Ryde Illum.Carnival to the listings Sally. It’s my favourite carnival event of the year, & I didn’t want to miss it! It always leaves me with delightful memories. It didn’t occur to me that the organisers wouldn’t have kept OTW in the loop. You can’t be expected to know without being told.

  20. I’ve just realised that the new ‘News’ section is a big improvement on the VB version – the items are very attractivly laid out, clear & inviting.

  21. Janet Scott

    2.Sep.2012 12:49pm

    I like todays (Sunday) alteration to ‘RECENT COMMENTS’ column.
    One can now see what topic the subscriber is commenting on, click the plus sign and read all the comment.

    Nice one, it certainly is getting better as promised.

  22. I agree with Janet about the ‘Recent Comments’ bit – it brings back more of the user-led feeling that the VB had. Great!

    • Sally Perry

      2.Sep.2012 5:32pm

      Thanks continuing with the feedback – it’s much appreciated. We’re still playing around with some different ideas to see what readers prefer, so do let us know what you do and don’t like. You can also flick through older comments from the home page too (see the link at the bottom right of the comment list) – once you start clicking through you can go back to previous and latest comments too without having to reload the entire page.

  23. just noticed that when you click a comment in the Recent Comments list it doesnt take you direct to that comment, just somewhere on the page. Only a minor bug.
    The site looks superb. Very orange, but superb.

  24. Don Smith

    18.Sep.2012 7:28pm

    I have already written that a great deal of work has gone into making this new look site very attractive. However, my main criticism is that all topics are formulated by Sal and Simon; some good topics.

    However, individuals can not start a topic of their choice and this, in my opinion, stifles debate and restricts it to far too many topics that do not appeal to some.

    Admin have informed me that new topics can be entered on the ‘Old forum’, but is does appear that this old site is not being used.

    We have had some very interesting news items in the media of late, but I can not see any reference to these news items and I am unable to introduce them. Moan over!

    • Sally Perry

      18.Sep.2012 7:54pm

      Don, nothing has changed in the way that we publish on the site. As well as the news items that we write, contributors can submit articles that we run in the relevant section.

      In exactly the same way as we have worked for the last seven years, if you want to submit a Letter to the Editor on a subject that is relevant to the Island, feel free to send one in.

      As I have said a few times already, I think you are confusing the main news site with the discussion forum.

  25. I think it’s because Simon & Sally run the site as they do that it has a coherent flavour, balance & identity, & has such a great reputation. Apart fom anything else, what a nightmare it would be to monitor a free-for-all.

    Anyone can have a go setting up their own site, but I’ll be sticking with this one.

  26. Don Smith

    18.Sep.2012 9:34pm

    Relevant to the island Sal – Things have changed Sal. If you do not want to cover mainland and world events, so be it.

    You stick with it tryme’s, and learn all about the good and the bad; about the IoW festivals, carnivals and a Tory council. There did not appear too many problems censoring the old VB. It’s a big world out there, I shall miss it.

    I wish the new site ever success, and I shall still look in from time to time.

    • So, what you want, Don, is a local news site that covers national news, stories published that conform to what you want to discuss and nothing published that doesnt conform to what you think should be discussed, and if i read what you put correctly, a site that can be censored?

      may i politely suggest you work out what the hell you actually want and then go and put your own website together.

    • wightywight

      19.Sep.2012 10:12am

      @ Don:

      Don, in which way have “things changed”…..?
      If you want a site/blog/forum for ‘National/World events & issues there are thousands to choose from. Thousands.
      If you want a site that takes on board just about ALL major Island issues….where can you go…? CP..? The Beacon? Island Pulse..? Wightbay ! ..?

      The clue is in the name Don……. *On the Wight* ….



  27. Don, if I am honest with you I prefer the old site, being an oldgirl I don’t like change. However, I am prepared to give it a go. Simon and Sally have worked hard to get the site as it is today, a professional and all encompassing site. Each day I discover something new and in time the old site will be a far distant memory.
    Sally has explained to you about changes but you seem unable to take these onboard, keep an open mind Don, keep trying and like me you might find that with each passing day this new, professional website has more to offer than you think. Kind regards from one “oldie” to another.

    • wightywight

      19.Sep.2012 10:05am

      @Don: @ oldgirl:

      I think that’s right… the changes to the site – even if difficult at first to become aquainted with – are structural/layout changes which run alongside HOW the site always operated. Don has some confusion over who could post what, where and when and is conflating that, I think, with the old *Forums* where anyone could post anything at anytime for debate.
      As before, if you want something put up/published you have to write either privately or as a letter to the Editor…nothing appears to have changed in that respect.
      However, of course, we all have our own personal ideas about what is ‘newsworthy’, ‘important’ and ‘interesting’ …and what isn’t!
      This site, more than any other dealing with Island issues, is the most approachable, the most comprehensive and the one most likely to engage with authority and commerce in investigating issues that can, and do, affect us all. The CP is just a laughable mockery in this respect. Nice safe, localised reporting without any difficult questions EVER being asked of ANYONE.
      This site is a welcome breath of fresh air, long may it continue…(well, it has already!!)


  28. Don Smith

    20.Sep.2012 8:49pm

    No.5 Get off your bar stool – I’m writing, not talking.

    • No Don, you are trying to sh** stir, just like so many other times, and you are not very good at it, just like so many other times. You know full well that a local news site wont be covering national news, yet you still suggest it should happen.

      what a shame people still rise to it. I for one wish you would simply go away and find something else to do.

  29. Don Smith

    21.Sep.2012 7:24pm

    If you see a comment by Don Smith – Do not read it; simple to comprehend, even for you.

    And please, have the courage to give your name; without it your comments are meaningless.

    Can we not agree to disagree? Or do you want all your own way.

    As for being bad a being a sh** stirrer – It did get a response from YOU, the nameless one.

    And the old VB did cover many topics of national news; and it
    was more interesting for it – That’s only my opinion, John.
    Obviously you disagree, that is you choice. If we all agreed… Well need I write more?

    • My name is Jon. Thats clear from every comment I make. The meaning of the comment is in the content, not the name.

      I dont want anything my own way. But you seem to.

      I managed to ignore your comments for quite a while. But asking a local news site to cover national news is ridiculous. The old VB, and Im sure the new OTW will cover national items that have some relevance to the island, yet you seem to want all national news covered. Try the BBC.

      And frankly Don, its not what you say but the way you say it that makes you seem like a sh** stirrer.

      So now, perhaps you will go and pick on one of the many other people on here who only use their first name. I hope they are also able to stand up to your bullying. Goodbye.

  30. “Goodbye, goodbye, alas I must say…My heart is broken. I’ll do my best…not to cry.” Nice song that.

  31. Don Smith

    28.Sep.2012 7:21pm

    Very sophisticated and some good topics, however, not as good as the old VB. In my humble opinion there is far less interest now. It is also running very slow, another shilling in the meter needed, perhaps:-)

    • Janet Scott

      28.Sep.2012 9:05pm

      Yes Don, sadly there does seem to be less interest. A lot of the usual commenters seem to have stayed away.

      I find the ‘Recent comments’ column is a bit slow to load AND I re-iterate,I miss the ‘day’ and ‘time’ beside the comments in the ‘recent comments’ column.

      I do hope the VB commenters are just waiting for glitches to be ‘ironed out’ and are still keeping watch.

      I also understand your sadness at losing the ‘Forum’. I also am not happy but can understand why it is not included in OTW. I am sure Simon and Sal explained their reason to you.

      Incidently, why bother about the loss of the ‘Forum’ when we know YOU are adept at turning a ‘topic’ to your way of thinking :)).

      Don’t stop. You have a quirky sense of humour
      and often make a lot of sense ! (to me).

  32. Can I make a suggestion please? Could the sub titles in the text of the articles be made bold or italic or somehow distinguished from the rest of the text as, currently, it makes it a bit difficult to read. Thank you!

    • Sally Perry

      16.Oct.2012 7:49am

      Subtitles are in bold. If you email us details of your browser type and version we’ll take a look. We’re going to be working on the fonts this week, so you may see a change anyway once we’ve completed that task.

  33. Can anyone tell me please how to dismiss the facebook & twitter etc. icons that have annoyingly started appearing on the left side, obsuring my reading a segment of all
    OW articles?

    • Right-click the list of icons.
      Right-click and icon,
      Choose Inspect Element (or Q)
      Hit Down Arrow
      Select Delete Node
      Repeat until all pesky things are deleted.

      Bad news is that they come back next time you load the page! :-((

    • Sally Perry

      15.Oct.2012 9:41am

      Thanks for the feedback. The new addition of the floating share buttons didn’t reach universal agreement, so we’ve reverted back to the former share buttons beneath the author’s details.

      We’re experimenting with different options with the aim of making the experience for the user better. More tweaks to come over the next few weeks as we continue to tighten the layout and functionality.

  34. Thanks everso much, cynic, I feel better for that!
    All I have to do now is never to log out of OW!….

  35. Thank you for being so responsive, Sally, it’s much appreciated.

  36. Only time will tell if this new Forum is a success.

    I fully appreciate that a great deal of very work has gone into the making of this ‘New look’ forum,

    However, I must be honest, I still preferred the old VB. And by the amount of ‘Posts’ or lack of them, sadly, I feel that I am right.

  37. greenfiremouse

    16.Oct.2012 10:29pm

    In the beginning, I found navigating the new site a little complicated, maybe a touch too much like some of the larger newspaper sites where you have to know where to look for certain items to be able to find them.
    But I have grown to like the new site. Shame that there aren’t as many comments any more for the time being. I do like some lively debates!
    I have one technical gripe, though. Normally, I use Firefox as my browser. Not for Onthewight, though, any more. Very often the last comments are covered by the black box at the bottom, and sometimes I can’t leave a longer comment, because the box does not scroll down in Firefox.
    It’s probably a little software niggle that can be ironed out at some stage, at least I hope so!
    But apart from that, thumbs up for the new site and good luck with it!

    • Old Knobby

      17.Oct.2012 8:18am

      I get that too with Firefox, also the ‘+’ buttons next to the comments on the front page often don’t seem to work. Then again, when I tried IE it just locked up and I had to use task manager to kill it!

      • I have no problems with the website using Firefox.

      • Sally Perry

        17.Oct.2012 9:28am

        For some reason if you are the first person to select up or down vote on a comment, it doesn’t show it immediately. It does work, but you’ll only see that your vote has been logged if you refresh the page after hitting the relevant arrow. We are aware of a problem with IE 8 and are trying to solve it, hopefully it’ll be fixed this week.

    • Sally Perry

      17.Oct.2012 9:26am

      Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that the layout has grown on you. We’ve had that Firefox problem a few times too. We’re not sure why it’s happening (and we’re not happy about it) but if you refresh the page, it seems to sort itself out.

  38. Immediately struck by the much clearer blue/black contrasts, which makes ‘What Readers Say’, for example, much more inviting & easier to read. The typeface +/or boldness of the comments is also a big improvement………

  39. It has been striking me that after a certain amount of time has elapsed, a vote ‘for’ that neutralises a pre-existing vote ‘against’, turns into a ” comment not rated yet”. Is that so?

    I’m back to my previous suggestion (somewhere) that we see both for & against totals for each comment, which would give us much more of a feel for the buzz on an issue. As it stands, there may be 50 for & 50 against, yet all we see is a forlorn comment that noone seems interested in, ‘comment not rated yet’!

    Plus some clown can then go through all comments down the page, just for the joy of seeing their bright red “-1″s standing out all by themselves, uncluttered by positive votes!

    It could be rather discouraging for some readers to take part, with no sense of anyone agreeing with them, sometimes. Might you share your thinking on this, please?

    Thanks. (Really enjoy the site, otherwise!)

    • Simon Perry

      28.Nov.2012 11:37am

      Agreed that would be lovely – and would show the pro/con buzz. We’re using a 3rd-party plugin (ie developed by someone else) for the vote up/down comment function.

      We don’t have time available to make changes/development of it, although making a better version certainly is possible.

      How strongly do people feel about it? Enough to crowdfund the work needed? We could contribute the software design and project management time. Once improved, we could all give it to the WordPress community – I suspect many hyperlocal news sites would use it and be very grateful for it.

  40. Thanks steve s, noone can neutralise that ;-)

  41. Just wondering if it could be arranged that one could click on ‘What Readers Say’ & thereby refresh the list of new postings? It would save scrolling up to Home to click, then scrolling back to WRS, all of which can involve quite a bit of hanging around.

    Also, how about ‘Back to top’ & ‘To end of comments’ on each topic? Again, because it would save time & also encourage more flitting about over various topics.

    Of course I realise that these additions may not be possible with the technology you have, but I thought I’d ask. I’ve had more time to use OTW recently, so have a better idea of what would help me!

  42. Posting on another website this hols, one that doesn’t give the opportunity to vote ‘for & against’ a comment, I’ve been struck by how this fact has improved my experience.

    Instead of the childish marking-down red minuses that one gets here, one simply has adults exchanging views. Any disagreements are put in writing, people taking responsibility for them. It allows people to have different opinions without anonymous side-swipes.

    • So quickly! I rest my case…..

    • I’ve been ‘minused’ before and can honestly say it doesn’t bother me. It’s just a way of someone showing that they disagree with me – I use it for the same purpose when others add comments that I disagree with. Are you really saying that you’ve never ‘minused’ anyone Tryme?

      • Indeed I have done, Amanda BH, & felt increasingly sneaky about it. That experience has contributed to my view: it seems a lazy, pointless, information-less way of disagreeing. Someone has summoned the energy to lurch towards their keyboard, & with a grunted ‘Der!’, deposits a minus, then sits back in satisfaction, $;->. It doesn’t tell us why anyone disagrees, whether rational or irrational or simply confused reasons. It doesn’t add to the debate in any single way, it seems to me.

        Whereas writing something does.

        I’m thinking that we are too used to the system of adversarial politics both nationally & locally, & it is reflected by marking for & against here. There are alternatives!

        • Amanda BH

          28.Dec.2012 4:41pm

          I take your point about voting being lazier than actually engaging. I often don’t have time to get involved with a discussion, as I’m reading the articles on my mobile when on the move.

          I have to say that I more often than not mark comments up, rather than down. I find most commenters on here have sensible contributions to make to conversations, which is very refreshing compared some other sites.

          But as in other aspects of life, there tends to be one or two who I disagree with.

          • Yes, Amanda BH, I tend to go for the marking up too, as then there’s no doubt what I mean – I just agree!

            I wasn’t really criticising people using the minuses, after all, the facility is there for us. But I am experimenting now with avoiding minusing posters, & if the urge is strong, to do a post of my own instead. I’m already feeling better for that! I agree that most people put things very reasonably (or amusingly) here.

            Thanks for your interest in my original post!

          • At least OWG is not like Yahoo News where it looks like a PR bot automatically awards a thumbsdown to any comments criticising the government! [Heaven forfend it is a Yahoo service offering :-))]

  43. Anyone else find referring to OTW in conversation, rather clumsy? I often find I’m about to say “It was on On The Wight…”, which sounds odd to people not familiar with it, (2 ‘on’s in a row). So I end up saying “It’s on what used to be VentnorBlog & is now On The Wight….

    • ‘VentnorBlog’ was obviously a distinctive name, whereas the words ‘ on the wight’ are used in lots of other ways, & not just about this site by any means. So it needs a bit of explanation each time, which is a bit tedious in a fast-flowing conversation…

  44. …Recently I’ve noticed I just don’t mention it, which is obviously a great shame. I would like to be able to pepper my conversaion with references!

    • Can anyone please give me ideas how to refer to OTW in coversation without sounding I’m doing a
      George V1 with ” If you look on On The Wight…”, or “I saw it on On The Wight…” , (further to above posts). How are you all doing it, please? I was reminded about this by someone calling it VB in a post just now….

      • prewitt parrot

        2.Feb.2013 7:15pm

        The blog formally known as Ventnor

      • Sally Perry

        2.Feb.2013 9:50pm

        How about “I saw an article OnTheWight had posted” or “find out about it by reading OnTheWight” or “have you seen the comments/article posted to OnTheWight” ? Took us a while to get over the on-on thing too, but after a while we got used to it :-)

        • Your saying that, Sally, has made me realise that I can start the sentence with “On The Wight…” (have written about that/ have had a lot of posts about that….), & then it gets shot of the on-on, but without being long winded about it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before – old speech patterns die hard, I suppose!

  45. I suppose your friends are used to you sounding crackers, then? (I trust you came here to be insulted). It certainly circumnavigates saying ‘on On’, but only at the risk of being carted off to the mental health unit formerly known as Whitecroft (or ‘under the clock’).

    This is the knotty problem…

  46. To see an advert at the heart of OTW as the main ‘topic’ has quite taken me aback this evening, looking out at me every time I go via ‘Home’. I do realise that there needs to be funding in order for OTW to survive, but I wonder whether it might take the heart away from the enterprise, & eat away at the support OTW needs from its posters, (if any one else feels the same).

    Clearly it’s Simon & Sally’s decision alone, but I myself don’t want to see an advert having pride of place when I use the site: & no, I don’t like it on other sites too. The big advert that gets in the way on the Yahoo site after a few seconds, means I use it far less than I did, because it annoys me!

    I’m perfectly OK with the ads OTW has in the righthand boxes on the Home page, (The Ventnor Arts Festival ones are very entertaining). It’s just that for me, a line seems to have been crossed when one takes pride of place like this on a news page: as if a newpaper had replaced its newsy front page photo with an advert for counselling / a car…etc.

    I see that ‘comments are closed’ on the topic. I wasn’t in time to see any, so I may well have repeated in annoying fashion what has been said before.

    • Sally Perry

      28.Mar.2013 9:29pm

      All sponsored features have a slot in the top spot on the home page when they are first added to the site. It’s always been our policy.

      Once articles begin being published in the morning the feature will sit only within the orange ‘special promotions’ bar.

      As you rightly point out, the site cannot exist without advertising revenue.

      Re: commenting, as is the case with all sponsored features comments are turned off.

      • Sally Perry

        28.Mar.2013 11:16pm

        Ps. It’s worth pointing out that the top section isn’t reserved just for news. It regularly carries opinion, letters, what’s on, sports and community features, as well as, occasionally, sponsored features.

        We take your point, but equally we want our advertisers to do well, so will continue – occasionally – to give that top spot over for a few hours.

        Afterall, them paying for advertising means you can continue to read the news for free and have a platform to engage with others on.

        Seems like a fair deal to us.

      • I’ve been looking at the previous adverts to see why they didn’t strike me in the same way, as you indicate.

        It’s because this one aims to sell to women at a very vulnerable time in their lives, seeming to hold out a promise,( “…help you become a more confident, happier woman…”). It feels to me like it is a dream that is being sold, more than just offering a straightforward service. That makes me uneasy.

        But if the person’s formal qualifications to offer this hope were detailed in the piece & thus implicitly sanctioned as legitimate & adequate by OTW, your powerful recommendation would then be underpinned. A woman in crisis may not be best placed to make this assessment for herself.

  47. Hear hear! Great website and blog that makes an invaluable contribution to the Island. Thanks!

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