VentnorBlog The Journey: Part Three

We reveal our new name for VentnorBlog …. da da dahhhhhhhh

Wow, what a great response we had to the news that very soon VentnorBlog will be changing its name. It was really heart-warming to read all your supportive comments, backing up our reasons for making the change. Thanks for the great support – public and private.

Aerial view of the Isle of Wight

We really enjoyed reading your suggestions for the new name, many of which had already formed part of our own brainstorming some time ago.

So, what new name have we come up with you ask.

How we got there
There’ve been many a Friday night, sat at home with a bottle of wine chatting over our hopes and aims, coming up with the many ideas that will soon form the new offering for you.

One thing was for sure, getting the name right was really important. If we were move away from VentnorBlog, a name not suited to what we do any more but with a strong awareness across the Island and beyond, it was vital to make sure the name only had to change once.

A long journey to the right name
For us, living on the Island, using the word Wight in the name makes a lots of sense, but it had to be used in the right way.

It was only after a little period of reflection that we realised that it could be misinterpreted as something totally different.

Take for example. To us, it read as ‘everything to do with the Isle of Wight’, but for those not steeped in Island life, it could easily be misconstrued as thinking we were promoting the reign of white supremacists!

The same went for other domain names that we registered but decided against, such as and

They sounded good at the time, but perhaps that was down to the Friday night wine.

We went through loads of possible names, and, another two that we went as far as registering domain names for, but we finally found something that seemed to fit the criteria.

On The Wight
Many of you may recognise the name OnTheWight as something we’ve previously used and if you have, you’ll understand why it works so well. was one of our first in the series of stand-alone sites that could one day, become part of the offering.

Visiting will become the way for you to access all the content you currently see on VentnorBlog, but once the new Website is launched, if you’re only interested in news, you can just go straight to Or if it’s ideas for Christmas you’re looking for, the same applies,

You get the idea … the list could be endless.

What do you think?
Now you understand our thinking – Does it all make sense?

Coming up in the next instalment, first stage logo designs.

Image: © Tracy McKinlay

Saturday, 22nd October, 2011 2:02pm



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20 Comments on "VentnorBlog The Journey: Part Three"

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Chris Cowley

Really enjoying this journey so thank you for sharing it with us guys and keep up the great work. Looking forward to future developments!


Slightly anticlimatic. I was hoping for something completely shiny and new.

I hope the layout changes somewhat. If your going to change, it should be a total change.

Janet Scott

To me that name is simple,straight forward, not gimmicky. I feel you have chosen well.
I look forard to the next round!


Sounds good so far. But the VB team are a bit of tease in releasing the info so slowwwwly. BTW is vdoiley coming with you or are you re-inventing her?

Janet Scott

Yes Bluey I agree, they are a dreadful tease. But then that’s what good Authors do……. keep you
in suspense….wanting more !
As for vdoiley, she wont be far away. It will depend on which hat she wants to wear on the subject.

Senior Service

Get on with it!!


I think the new title is fine. It sounds more professional than Ventnor Blog and should be easy to remember.

Are there any plans for a newspaper?


I hope it will have obituaries, news of Women’s Institute meetings, and all the tantalizing extras of the CP.sic


Don’t forget the bowls results! My week wouldn’t be complete without that! News from around the villages too please. A woman from Godshill went out and brought some new clothes pegs the other week – did VB cover it? Did they heck as like! A bit more ‘finger on the pulse’ please VB!

Janet Scott

I do hope not.

Mr Justice

I wonder, what will the council think? (Smiles)


I hope this comes with a shiny new website design… It could use a little polish. :D


I’m sure they said before that the whole thing is being revamped, so very much looking forward to the new site too.

Love the choice of new name, can see why you chose it.

How much longer are you going to keep us on tenterhooks?

chris wallis

I think Michael Palin will be flattered with your choice of name,as his famous attempt to prove everyone in the world could stand ‘on the Wight’ shows this name has unlimited appeal and horizons, well done!


Knew it was On the Wight!!! Great name :)


you could also have, give RSPCA a run for their money

Simon Perry

Now there’s an idea. There does seem to be an awful lot of pets missing on the Island.

Wouldn’t see it as a competitor to RSPCA (they do a great job), but complimentary.

Thanks onewonders, will think more on that.

What do others think?


That is disgraceful catism. Dogs are people too you know! And as for Simon’s comment, shame on you – it should obviously be


ps. Looking forward to the new blog.

pps. Buggies are not strictly an animal, unlike budgies.

ppps. Perhaps on reflection


Fantastic name! Can’t wait for new site, you giving any clues as to when we can expect to see it?