Vestas Not Interested in Grants From Government

Government grants would not have saved Vestas on the Island.

On the last day of production of blades at the Vestas Factory in Newport, Island MP, Andrew Turner tells us that Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (Ed Milliband MP) yesterday told the House of Commons that Vestas had made it clear that government grants would not have made any difference to their decision to continue manufacturing on the Island.

Many people will have heard the comments on the news from Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Climate Change criticising the Government for not stepping in to help save the jobs at Vestas.

Vestas’ reason for closing the plant here and moving to the US is due to there being a larger market across the pond.

Mr Turner said:

“I have had a number of meetings with Government Ministers about the work they had undertaken with Vestas prior to the announcement that they planned to close the factory on the Island. It was very clear to me that they had explored every avenue in order to work with the company to keep the factory open.

“I attended a public meeting on Friday 3rd July in the Riverside Centre organised by Cowes Trades Council and Workers Climate Action and a number of people there expressed the view that simply pumping yet more public money into the factory would keep it open.

“I had planned to raise this issue in depth during a debate next Tuesday so that it would become clear to my constituents that this option had been properly explored at the highest levels.

“I understand how important this is to the Island but to be fair to the Government I do think they have worked hard to try to keep the Vestas factory here on the Island. It is easy to simply knock the Government as the Liberal Democrat spokesman has done (although to be fair he couldn’t have known what has gone on behind the scenes) but when a hugely profitable multi-national company simply decides that it wants to close down a factory regardless of the consequences on it’s workforce or the local economy it seems that there is little that can be done. That is one of the reasons why it is important that public money is invested in businesses that are firmly rooted in local economies.”

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Cllr Geoff Lumley (Labour)

Not often I wholeheartedly agree with our Conservative MP, but this is a marvellous exposition of how harmful global capitalism can be to local communities and local economies across the world, not just here on the Island.

Jackie Hawkins
I agree Geoff. If this isn’t a good enough reason to have nationalisation of vital services and certain manufacturing then I don’t know what is. This country needs to be at the epicentre of renewable energy. When the applications for windturbines come up on the Island, those of us that aren’t nimbys need to have louder voices than the nimbys. We must not let these selfish people… Read more »
Trades Council
Yes Mr Turner, something can be done about Vestas! When Andrew Turner MP, asked what he could do to Save Vestas well the answer is plenty. For a start he could go to the House of Commons and demand that the Danish Monopoly’s right to move capital abroad should be restricted. To bleat that nothing can be done when a multinational company wants to close down its… Read more »

Thats what makes you a good public servent

steve s

Uh oh. * Ducks for cover *

adrian nicholas
seems an economic market decision based on the continuation of the dubious ‘free market(actually not)’ focus on the primacy of financial profit without regard to local and supply consequences on people and the local economy and infrastructure. Such a narrow or immature focus of the previous 20 years of globlism has accentuated social and demographic dislocation and stabillity which by consequence is peversely more expensive in economic… Read more »
Matt O'Crowley
As someone who burns fossil fuel for the entertainment of tourists, I suffer from a great sense of enviro-guilt!! The politics of these graceful twirly-go-rounds perched on our hillsides is rather dull and often gives me a bit of a headache. The fact is, they are beautiful to look at, do at least take us nearer to the goal of green energy and are wonders of mechanical… Read more »
Wendy V

Article on closure of Vestas in today’s Observer (by Terry Macalister) headed “Green dream runs low on power: The closure of a turbine plant on the Isle of Wight is symbolic of a dangerously becalmed renewables sector”. Link to article here: