Vestas Sit-In: Copy of Dismissal Letter

Here’s a photo of one of the dismissal letters.

Vestas Sit-In: Copy of Dismissal Letter Last night at the Vestas Sit-In, the workers who have taken occupation of the offices in order to fight for their jobs were presented with letters from the management sacking them.

We were fortunate enough to get hold of a copy of the letter which we can show you now.

Click on the image after the link to see the enlarged version.

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Wednesday, 29th July, 2009 8:43am



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Unfortunately for Vestas they have failed to follow the acas code of practice for disciplinary matters.

You should have had a hearing at which you could be represented.

Even after that, yu have the right of appeal.

I’m sure the RMT will be advising you on the process to follow now.

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Wendy V
A friend who’s had a long career in HR told me the dismissal letter is lacking any mention of appeal. He says: “ACAS have set out a Code of Practice that requires Vestas to have a written Disciplinary Policy. This policy must include a right of appeal at each stage. Any letter referring to a disciplinary decision should set out the right of appeal against that decision.… Read more »