Vestas Sit-In: Day 8 Report From Inside

An update from Mike who is still inside Vestas.

We haven’t had a chance to speak to Mike on the inside this morning, but received this email update from him. Ed

Today has been quiet because of the anticipation of tomorrow’s court hearing.

We have been trying to drum up support all day for tomorrow.

The big news came with our evening meal or shall I say, a slice of pizza each! We all received letters to inform us we have been SACKED!

Effective immediately our employment has been terminated with no notice of Lieu and no redundancy. This has not deterred us in any way.

We are committed as ever and we will not give up until we see results.

We just hope you guys will be there to support us all the way. We are now fighting for everybody else and trying to show people they do not have to put up with the kind of treatment that Vestas management have shown.

We hope you will all attend the court hearing tomorrow, bring your friends, bring your family and ask them to spread the word.

Not much else to report today, just like to once again thank you all for coming down here, we couldn’t do this without you!
Thank you!

It’s now 7am Wednesday morning and our hearing is in 3 hrs (10.15am) at Newport County Court so we are just trying to gather any last minute support we can.

We got in touch with the Polish press last night and they informed us that they have been in touch with Vestas and the question was asked as to why is the Vestas workers redundancy package so poor?

Their response was they used most of the money allocated to arrange training courses to help workers find employment!

One of which was a wine tasting course,a very useful skill?

Wednesday, 29th July, 2009 8:48am



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can you get sacked for taking part in industrial action??

john Smith

No but you can be sacked for gross misconduct.


With regards the training provided by Job Centre/Next Steps, this is funded by a European Fund and not by Vestas. Vestas offered £750 should employee’s not quailify for a training course of there choice… not many people have had to go down this route.

Thank God we live in a domocratic country! How does industrial action become gross misconduct? The lads have always made it clear this was a peaceful protest!!!!!! At this time there has been no damage to persons or property. And it has been made quite clear the persons inside have no intention to change this. Todays court proceedings speak volumes the judge evidently understood the situation. The… Read more »