The video of Isle of Wight wild barn-owl that will make you say ‘Ah’ and ‘Oooh’

We’d be pretty surprised if you don’t say ‘Ahhh’ when you’re watching this video of an Isle of Wight wild barn-owl taking its first cautious observations, steps, then flights in to the world. We’d recommend watching the whole way through to avoid missing the delightful surprise.

Wight owl by Ian Winter

Sit yourself down with a cup of tea to watch this 12 minute video that OnTheWight was sent today by Ian Winter. It was shot over an extended period of this year and has many “Ahhhh” moments as well as quite a surprise.

Here’s how it was described to us,

My friend has a nesting box up, but it’s seen no action for a couple of years. This little owl-face was the first obvious resident, so we set up a hide and rigged up a long-zoom video camera plus a zoom-microphone, locked it all down to try and keep it as steady as we could, and my friend patiently sat there early-mornings and evenings to see what would happen.

The location of the owls isn’t being disclosed beyond saying it’s somewhere near the back of the Wight.

The video
One note – at the moment of surprise, there’s a quiet muttering of some slightly fruity language.

Sunday, 21st September, 2014 8:39pm



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Now was that a bird box or a bird-tardis?
Magnificent footage, charmingly put together. I loved the bit when one of them overbalanced and was in disarray – it probably thought thank goodness noone was watching!

Don smith

Very good film – Nesting box requires a new roof:-)

Gill Gaylor Isle of Wight Barn Owl Group

Thoroughly enjoyed this video. Is the person who made this video Mr Peter XXXXX, a sheep farmer from Shorwel?I have met & spoken to him on the phone. If so please get in touch. Thankyou.


Made myself a cup of tea and watched Bird Box. What a lovely film. Thank you.