Walkers and beach cleaners join forces to make a difference

Members of the Isle of Wight Long Distance Walkers Association joined forces with Isle of Wight Beach Cleaning Volunteers to collect 18 bags of rubbish from a south coast beach earlier this month.

Beach cleaning at St Catherines by Trevor Butler:

Thanks to Nat for this latest news from the Isle of Wight Long Distance Walkers Association. Ed

Earlier this month the Isle of Wight Long Distance Walkers Association (IOWLDWA) and Isle of Wight Beach Cleaning Volunteers organised a combined walk and beach clean of the bay near St Catherine’s Lighthouse.

Following a tough scramble over rocks, collecting 18 bin bags of rubbish, a BBQ was held on the beach. Donations for the BBQ helped raise £40 towards fundraising for the forthcoming Oxfam Trailwalker challenge being undertaken by some of the IOWLDWA members.

Special thanks
Thank you to Andrew Turner MP who helped collect rubbish and spent time listening to the group’s concerns about the issue of litter on our beaches.

A big thank you should also be extended to Ian Ridett, a ranger from the National Trust and a beach cleaning volunteer, who spoke to the group about the work of the Isle of Wight National Trust and disposed of the rubbish we had collected on the beach.

This was a great example of two local groups collaborating in order to help keep our beauty spots clean and safe for everyone to use.

Joining forces
Quote from Adie Butler of the Beach Cleaning Volunteers said,

“It was great to join forces with the IOWLDWA and to have their support in tackling this area of coast line. We hope to do a joint clean up with them every year. Likewise I am very grateful to Andrew Turner for attending and helping out and also to Ian Ridett from the National Trust for his support and help and to Biffa for collecting the litter and covering the costs of disposal.

“It would be great to see more Islanders attend our event days and lend a helping hand to keep our beaches clean. Children and dogs are welcome and at the end of some events there will be a BBQ.

“For anyone interested in helping out and joining our fight against litter on our beaches, search Facebook for Isle of Wight beach cleaning volunteers.”

David Yates from Isle of Wight Long Distance Walkers Association said,

“The IOWLDWA enjoyed teaming up with the Isle of Wight beach cleaning volunteers to help clear this stretch of beach. We regularly walk along the island’s beautiful coastline which is often spoilt by rubbish. This was a fantastic way to combine one of our regular walks with a bit of community work and we are looking to add this to our annual programme of walks.”

For more information about the IOWLDWA please < ahref="http://wig.ht/2c6H" title="IOWLDWA Website">visit our website

Image: © Trevor Butler

Monday, 14th July, 2014 8:06am


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