WATCH: Video of 30-40 Bottlenose Dolphins dancing off Ventnor

30-40 Bottlenose Dolphins were spotted off the south coast of the Isle of Wight yesterday and as they danced in the wash of a fishing boat, this great footage was captured by Ed Blake of Ventnor Haven Fishery.

Dolphin diving out of the sea

Many Ventnorians were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins dancing along the coast on Tuesday morning. Stories were regailed to us about the beautiful creatures racing off the shore.

However, the chaps at Ventnor Haven Fishery managed to capture some great footage as the dolphins chased their fishing boat.

Ed Blake, skipper of Ventnor Pride II told OnTheWight,

“As we were heading out of Ventnor Haven, we spotted 30-40 Bottlenose Dolphins just 200m off from shore.

“They were a mix of adult, juveniles and babies.

“Some of the juveniles came to play with our boat’s wash as we headed west to our fishing gear, as captured in our video.” 

We’re sure you’ll agree the footage is simply wonderful.

Wednesday, 19th June, 2019 8:59am



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