Weekly charity auction planned for Isle of Wight water charity

Every Saturday the 100 Lots charity auction will take place raising money for the Isle of Wight’s Roll Out The Barrell Trust.

Gavel and paperwork

Adrian shares this latest news on Roll Out The Barrel (RoTB) Trust. Ed

100 Lots is a new regular auction launched this week by Island Water Charity, The RoTB Trust to raise funds to purchase Rotary water barrels and water filters for women and children who carry heavy loads of water – sometimes four or five miles every morning – in scorching heat.

Founder of the charity, Adrian Brewer, said,

“We are literally selling 100 Lots. Quick and Easy. No long days waiting for your lot to come up.

“So many people donate goods that are not ever likely to be used in third world countries, but the money from sales can make a significant and lasting difference.”

A fun and different way of raising funds
Selling goods at an auction offers more opportunity for everyone who would like to give. In today’s financial climate it can be difficult to keep digging into pockets for donations.

Adrian added,

“A weekly auction is a fun and different way of raising funds on a regular basis without having to ask the same people time after time to help.”

Where and when
The 100 Lots Auction room at 2 Daish Way, Newport operates every Saturday from 10.30am for viewing and 1.30pm for selling.

Adrian said,

“It is small and friendly and we are always open to working with other charities or receiving more goods or selling your personal possessions for you on a small commission.”

For more information contact 07809 456 247 or go to the Website.

Image: bethcortez-neavel under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 18th March, 2019 3:57pm


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