Weld blown on Cowes Floating Bridge: Service to be suspended

The saga of Floating Bridge 6 continues with yet another failure, causing the bridge to be suspended

floating bridge suspended September 2019

The Cowes Floating Bridge is about to be taken out of service again.

News OnTheWight is told that a weld has blown on the north west ram which is causing oil to spill.

The Bridge will be suspended and the foot passenger launch will come into service shortly.

Our thanks to Cameron Palin for the heads-up.

Tuesday, 19th January, 2021 9:18am


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Why oh why are we putting up with this it just doesn’t work and not fit for purpose it’s time to stop all this nonsense and get rid of it. Build one here and invest in the skills and knowledge available on the Island which should have been done in the beginning.


I think it would be “Breaking News” if “On The Wight” and the “County Press” told us when it WAS ACTUALLY working.


I did a bit of welding 50 years ago. Would they like me to fix it for free ? Save a few bob….


Is the oil spillage a notifiable concern for the Environment Agency?


question has to asked of hydraulic suppliers,a ram has to be pressure tested before supply and installation, has the council got a cert stating this was carried out,also any oil spill over one litre has to be reported first to chc who then pass it on to mca,given people have spotted oil up the river in the past, has any report ever been given.


1. Build x2 Pedestrian/Cyclists Tunnels (Westbound & Eastbound respectively).

2. Build a Vehicle Bridge 400m downstream. (Near the proposed site of years ago).

* The Norwegians are constructing underwater ‘motorway’ tunnels under the Fjords …. I’m sure we can manage the aforementioned structures across the river Medina …. ** Building ANOTHER MODERN Floating Bridge that has outmoded the slip way sites is nonsensical …..


So what British Standards were specified in the Bridge contract? Clearly never been ‘fit for purpose’. Who signed it off and why?
An Island Shipyard could surely update the old bridge design, and probably pleased to build at cost plus bonus/profit!!