Whippingham councillor returns to maiden name

As a mark of respect to her late father, Julia Hill returns to her maiden name.

Cllr Julia Baker-Smith (formerly Julia Hill)

Julia Baker-Smith Councillor Julia Hill, the newly elected member for Whippingham and Osborne has made the decision to return to her maiden name of Baker-Smith.

The Isle of Wight Council would like to ensure that members of the public are able to find Julia’s contact details and will ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Cllr Baker-Smith said:

“While I understand this name change may come as a surprise and I apologise for any inconvenience, I felt that, as a mark of respect in memory of my father, I should return to my maiden name.

My father, who took a great interest in local issues, would have been delighted at the new direction of the Island and my involvement in the exciting changes ahead.”

Julia can be contacted on [email protected]

Thursday, 16th May, 2013 3:35pm


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5 Comments on "Whippingham councillor returns to maiden name"

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Judy Ferris

Sure he would have approved of this and everything else you have and are trying to achieve for the Island and residents.


whatever you call yourself Julia i know you will do a super job for us all

John M Luckett

Julia, your father would be so proud of you for what you have achieved – and are going to achieve. These are exciting times for you and the Island and I just know you are going to be brilliant! So…no pressure :)

Don Smith

Respect! What about hubby? Anyway you could not have selected a better surname. Join the clan!

happy daze

You look like a breath of fresh air!

Just what our fusty Council needs.

Particularly in the Medina Valley!