Why We Don’t Get Ferry Subsidies

MP asks questions on our behalf

Something that I hadn’t really considered too much when deciding to move to the Island was the cost of ferries …. but because of my love for Ventnor, it probably wouldn’t have affected my choice.

wightlinkAnyway, I’ve been listening with interest to the debate about Macquarie and what they are doing with WightLink. It’s all worrying stuff, especially as it seems to be encouraging some Islanders to consider a permanent link (bridge or tunnel) as a preferable alternative to ferries.

However, I was relieved to see that the Island MP, Andrew Turner seems to be on the case when it comes to the issue of ferries … in fact, he seems to ask lots of questions in Parliament concerning the island.

This should be of interest to anyone on the island and visitors, and I’ll be keeping an eye on it and reporting back, as and when news comes through.

Wednesday, 25th January, 2006 9:03pm


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Beach Boy
My ideas to solve some of the problems are for an island consortium, or supplement on our council tax to fund a no frills crossing that we as islanders would be in control of, with a huge barge type ship which you could drive onto and sit in your car (a big big version of the floating bridge) island residents could have proper discounts say 50% off… Read more »

wicked idea beachboy … i’d be up for that … how the hell did it ever get to be the most expensive crossing mile for mile?

Love the idea of a barge, perhaps VECTAS who make turbine blades and ship them over could donate one, probably not. It would be very nice if both Wight Link and Red Funnel offered all Island Resdidents and named friends and family a 50% disccount on all fares at all times. Might be a good marketing move for them. Perhaps also what they could with is someone… Read more »
holiday maker
If Wightlink dont offer proper concessions and real offers I fear in these difficult times the Whole Island will see a massive downturn in tourism. Most would sooner travel cheap than luxury (ask the airlines) Why do I have to state my duration when I book? Why am I penalised the longer the stay the more I pay? Surely its the same journey? So instead of an… Read more »

Just as well bookings are well up on previous years then.

This is what you need


at steal at £195K if you’ve got your own bit of beach


I think the ferries are very resonable and good value for money, I dont know what all the fuss is about.


Troll or RF/WL PR wonk? :-))


it is also one of the least commented on things by tourists who stay here. The mosted commented on is lack of decent entertainment for children on the Island. I can’t remember the last time a tourist or prospective tourist commented that the ferry was expensive

We offer holiday accommodation and we have many guests who comment on the high cost of fares. Anyway V, ‘holiday maker’ has correctly summed up the view of many visitors. You’re probably thinking of Warner’s type guests who get a fair deal thanks to the buying power of that organisation which manages to get return fares for about 20 quid. Sadly not available to 90 per cent… Read more »
Ferry prices are a double-edged sword. They penalise us but they also protect us. Those campaigning to reduce the cost of ferry travel are thinking, in the main, of their own experiences on the ferry. Cheaper would be nicer, sure. But what about everyone else? Cheaper would be nicer for them, too. So imagine that it was somehow free to cross the Solent, be it by bridge,… Read more »
Agreed a fixed link, or a cheap alternative, would be the end of the Island as we know it. And as for the holiday makers not complaining at the ferry prices, its is a case of swing and roundabouts for them as they are getting subsidised holidays aren’t they. As there is an underclass well and truly established on the Island, a large body of people that… Read more »
holiday maker
Anyway (before the revolution) back to ferry prices and their inconsistances ie same question Why do I pay more for the same return service because I choose to spend a day or two longer. I am not looking for freebies etc or a bridge? or to return at peak times. I was recently down house hunting and I have to stipulate how long I want to stay… Read more »

Hope that somebody will accept your oppinion and do something about this