Wight Ryder II: New Wightlink Craft Spy Photos

Well done Eric for getting these great shots of the new Wight Ryder undergoing sea trials.

Wight Ryder II: New Wightlink Craft Spy PhotosEagle-eyed VB reader Eric Lawson spied Wightlink’s new craft, Wight Ryder II, undergoing sea trials this morning. It’s understood that the Wight Ryder’s will be replacing the FastCats.

He was on the 9am Fishbourne to Portsmouth car ferry and had the presence of mind to grab his trusty iPhone and get a few shots when approaching Portsmouth.

Apparently he wasn’t the only one pointing a camera at it, staff from Wightlink were there pre-prepared with a video camera, shooting it as it came around Gosport.

Many thanks Eric for sending them in. You may remember back at the start of the year, another VentnorBlog reader snapped the Red Funnel ferry that had been painted with Ikea livery and sent it in – enabling VB to break the story.

VB Loves News Tips!
We always love it when people send us news titbits or photos of interesting things that they’ve seen relating to the Island, so if you’ve got something you want others to know about, just get in touch!

The gallery below contains the shots as they came through and we’d done a little magic to blow them up and try to make them a little clearer.

Click on them to see a larger version.

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Thursday, 23rd July, 2009 2:20pm


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Wendy V

I gather this vessel won’t be as fast as the FastCats it’s replacing – for those who are interested in commuting times.