Wightbus Services Badly Hit By Changes

Wightbus services severely affected by changes

Many thanks to Stuart George from the IW Bus Users group for details of changes to the Island bus services. Ed

Bus StopWe now have details of the Island’s bus services from 17 April. It seems to be a tale of two companies.

With just one exception Southern Vectis services are unchanged or improved, with East Cowes, Yarmouth, and Freshwater gaining night buses on Fridays and Saturdays.

Change to route 12
The exception is service 12 Newport – Shorwell – Brighstone – Brook.

In January an experimental evening service was introduced; from April this will be withdrawn on Monday to Thursday evenings, but on Fridays and Saturdays an improved service will run throughout the evening.

Wightbus withdrawal
With Wightbus, operated by the IW Council, it’s a different story. From the same date (17 April) ALL Saturday services will be withdrawn, leaving Newchurch, Alverstone, Gurnard, and Havenstreet with no buses at weekends.

Many other services during the week will also be reduced, with service 23 to Newchurch and Alverstone particularly badly hit.

The only option available for those people affected is to contact their IW councillor urgently.

Image: Janetmck under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 31st March, 2011 4:03pm


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This is really bad.
The Wightbus which takes me and lots of other people from outside Ryde High to Havenstreet after school every day isn’t a school bus, so I guess that will be going?

Jeez, it’s going to be so fun being stranded in Havenstreet -.-


Wightbus service 33 at 1445 from Ryde to Havenstreet will continue until September 2nd.

Stuart George

The information we were given by Wightbus was that the 1445 from Ryde to Havenstreet will be withdrawn after 15 April.


According to the timetables now on Southern Vectis’ website, the 23 (Wightbus to/through Newchurch) will still have a Saturday service, and the number 33 from Ryde at 1445 still runs to Haylands – and to Havenstreet by request. Maybe those are just oversight – but if so they are quite bad mistakes to make, so any chance of clearing that up?

Stuart George

The Southern Vectis website has now been corrected to show service 23 as running Mondays to Fridays only. The 1445 service 33 from Ryde to Havenstreet has been reinstated till the end of August.

Sailor Sam

Updated their web site? Didn’t know they still looked at it! Their last visit to their forum was back in November! Just shows how keen they are to keep in touch with ‘their public’!

Things are going from bad to worse. Pugh and his gang of bullies must be a heartless bunch that don’t care a less about the well being of the Island’s residents, especially the elderly and most vulnerable. By cutting the Wight Bus and not replacing it with any other service will be a huge blow to many elderly people and force them to become prisoners in their… Read more »
I’ve been lucky enough to use my local Wightbus when Jill has been driving. These little local buses are a real life line for many people. The atmosphere on them is often friendly and chatty whether you’re familiar to the locals or not, which has been fostered and encouraged by Jill. Everyone who uses the service knows her by name and finds their journey a pleasure. So… Read more »
adrian nicholas

for the record this service was taken over and further downgraded by SV in timetabling a few years ago- they even ommitted reference to it on their timetables on that route and the no.8 stops after getting rid back to wightbus.
The new merger must mean as the article states a convienient means of avoiding community routes such as 21,24 that do not make SV a profit.

steve hurt

its time we got rid of all these councilers that were not born on the island and get proper islanders in


Why not add only those that can prove they are decended from Jutes….what a rideculous idea

Knarr Erricsonn of Thorlund

This attitude should be referred to the Race Relations Board I am thinking