Wightlink slashing car waiting times on Ryde Pier

When you pay your pound to drive up Ryde Pier, you have an hour waiting time included. Wightlink are going to slash that. OnTheWight found this in their press released titled ‘Improvements ahead’.

Ryde Pier

Wightlink is changing its car parking arrangements at Ryde Pier on Tuesday 26 June 2018, installing new ticket machines and offering more payment choices for customers.

Four new ticket machines will replace the three old ones – each will take payment by cash or card.

Customers can also register with RingGo and use a mobile phone app to make cashless payments for up to three days parking.

Car parking charges will not increase for the rest of 2018.

Business Development Director, Clive Tilley, says,

“We are responding to customer feedback by giving people travelling on the FastCats a choice of payment methods, whether they are crossing the Solent for a few hours or a weekend.

“Islanders who want to get to Portsmouth on the most reliable cross-Solent service will also appreciate having the opportunity to use the cashless RingGo system.”

Wait up to 20 mins
From Tuesday 26 June 2018, drivers can wait on the Pier for up to 20 minutes for free to pick up or drop off friends and family (after paying the £1 pier toll to finance repairs and maintenance). Currently drivers can wait for an hour – this change has been made to free up more parking spaces for customers.

From that date, it will not be possible to pay for car parking at Wightlink’s ticket office for stays of less than 24 hours (as customers now have alternative ways to pay).

Parking on the Pier is still free for motor cycles and bicycles.

The new system will use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to improve car parking efficiency on the Pier.

At Fishbourne, systems are unchanged but the ticket machine will be upgraded in the near future.

Karen shares this latest news on behalf of Wightlink. Ed

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Wednesday, 13th June, 2018 12:50pm


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4 Comments on "Wightlink slashing car waiting times on Ryde Pier"

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It takes forever to drive down the pier and back again. Add in trying to drop off or pick up an elderly or disabled person, and you’ll be well over the 20 minute free time! I don’t see how this is going to free up more spaces when most people driving down the pier and back again to pick up/drop off are doing it relatively as fast… Read more »
So, scenario one Somebody is picking someone up, they arrive, say 20 minutes early. Rather thank risk a fine, they drive around Ryde, producing emissions. Result emissions Scenario 2. Somebody is picking someone up, they arrive, say 10 minutes early, which is not unreasonable. The cat is running late by say 10 minutes – in reality it woudln’t need to be that much given pier transit time.… Read more »

20 mins is not really realistic for someone coming from say Ventnor who may occasionally get held up by traffic works or something on the way. One wants to arrive and be parked at least 10 mins before people get off.


Indeed. Not enough room for a queue for pick up only if everyone is in a queue to avoid a 20-minute fine. And when the Cat is late, there goes your 20 minutes!