Wightlink to bring daily Fastcat service and weekend Yarmouth sailings back

Forecasted demand for travel means Wightlink will be resuming services after lockdown. See full details within

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Wightlink is pleased to announce it is resuming services on its Portsmouth Harbour-Ryde Pier Head FastCat route and restoring weekend sailings between Lymington and Yarmouth – both from Saturday 5th December 2020.  

This timetable will continue through the holiday season and into the New Year. 

Greenfield: Look forward to welcoming customers on board
Wightlink Chief Executive Keith Greenfield says:

“We have reviewed our services following the Government announcement that the Isle of Wight will be in Tier 1, with Hampshire and Portsmouth in Tier 2 of Covid-19 restrictions, when lockdown ends next week. 

“I am pleased that the forecast demand for travel has allowed us to resume our suspended services from Saturday 5th December and we look forward to welcoming customers on board as they make their preparations for Christmas. 

“Under the leadership of Isle of Wight Council, cross-Solent operators continue to work together during the pandemic to keep the Island connected and supplies moving.” 

Resuming service
The first FastCat will leave Portsmouth Harbour on weekdays at 07:15 (07:47 from Ryde) and the last at 16:15 (16:47 from Ryde).

Weekend services will begin an hour later and end with the 17:15 round-trip from Harbour. FastCat tickets will be accepted on Hovertravel services which will run earlier and later as well as on Wightlink car ferries. 

The Lymington-Yarmouth car ferry timetable will continue to be amended to support Island students who need to attend classes on the mainland with the first sailing leaving Yarmouth at 07:30. 

Extra sailings
There will be extra sailings on the Portsmouth to Fishbourne car ferry route from Monday 21st December to Sunday 3rd January 2021 to provide extra capacity over the holiday season. 

News shared by Karen on behalf of Wightlink. Ed

Image: seattlecamera under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 27th November, 2020 12:11pm


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5 Comments on "Wightlink to bring daily Fastcat service and weekend Yarmouth sailings back"

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I appreciate that Wightlink has to make a business decision on this, but this looks like it’s going to severely jeopardise the current Tier status of the Isle of Wight. I’m 100% fine with regular commuters, freight and essential travel, but this opens the island to significantly more risk of COVID transmission.


Seems just the other day people were complaining that the FastCat had ceased and the Yarmouth service had been reduced. Now they are complaining about the reinstatement. Oh well, ’tis the way of the IW.


It’s what it’s being reinstated for that’s the issue – few would object if it was actually aimed at commuters, but this is squarely pitched at being day-trippers back and forth – look at the proposed schedule!


Spot on, it’s about the money as always just like Red Funnel. Greed and profit not safety and well being.


That will be the selfish ones complaining it has ceased.