Yarmouth Mayor: Island Roads ‘seem to lack fundamental skills in planning and delivering’ of Bouldnor Rd closure

Mayor of Yarmouth, Steve Cowley, says that communications from Island Roads failed on many levels over the seven week Bouldnor Road closure.

Road closed in dark :

Further to the response from Island Roads to Mayor of Yarmouth, Steve Cowley’s report last week, Steve has responded to some of the points raised. Ed

It seems as though Island Roads (IR) have been galvanised into finding answers they were unable to give at the meeting on Tuesday evening last week.

Only an ‘inconvenience’?
It is appalling that they did not consider the effects on emergency services, local residents and businesses before announcing a seven week closure of the major road into Yarmouth.

They still insist that following a month of delays of 15 + minutes at lights, seven weeks total closure is an ‘inconvenience’ only. Local residents feel they are suffering from a major disturbance to their lives and businesses.

Fundamental lack of planning skills
The extra time for closure should have been predictable by a competent business – they seem to lack fundamental skills in planning and delivering this work, much as with other works that they undertake. Had they not undertaken surveys? Why did they not foresee the risk to residents before they started?

After their work in Wellow they have created a new pond in the road.

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Wellow drain

Local GP denied right of access
Only since the meeting have arrangements have been put in place for the practicalities for access by emergency services. The local GP has still been denied any right of access to patients to the east of the town and told he must travel via Freshwater.

In their arrogance IR thought the Harbour Commissioners were responsible for the RNLI.

Bus service
There is still no planned bus service in Bouldnor and Cranmore, although the FYT Bus have offered to provide one at modest cost.

Will IR contribute as they suggested they might? It would now appear that they have offered £10/day to help FYT Bus, not enough I fear.

Local people paying the price for mistakes
As far as the lack of piles, I repeated what we were told at the meeting. A new excuse? Friday and Monday of last week, work was held up by lack of piles. Certainly having to relay drains was a mistake they admit to, but for which local people will pay a time-cost.

If IR had kept us informed, why did so many people at the meeting on Tuesday, claim not to have received the notices?

Residents will monitor works
IR admitted Thorley had been forgotten. Communications failed on many levels. Local people will continue to monitor IR performance and pay the price for IR incompetence.

The lack of a risk assessment for the remote control of Yarmouth bridge opening may be another instance of failure of IR.

Image: Photooptik under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 19th February, 2014 12:22pm


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He’s not wrong is he? They do seem to lack competence. Remind me, how long was this all planned?

These people couldn’t care less about inconveniencing the public or local businesses. Not for them the fear of paying rent and wages. They are contractually entitled to several millions of our pounds for the next 25 years. Heaven help us all.

As has been said before,what do you expect when the same crew that operated the council highways dept,are now running island roads,they obviously don’t have a clue how to organise themselves,let alone a workforce,to put it mildly,they put in new road gullies that are way to high to take water off the highway.and they also create ruts in the road where none were before. In Carisbrooke road… Read more »
Peter Whiteman

I must agree !!!! The old administration in county hall employed them and now we all have to suffer.They need to be performance managed, as all they seem to do is to swan about in new trucks getting very well paid.

sam salt

Island Roads are seeking opinions on their work via a survey on their website. You have the chance there to let them know exactly what you feel. There are also comment boxes for their capabilities, delivery and quality of work. Only takes a few minutes to fill in and gets the message home.

I completely agree with Steve. The history of how Island Roads came to be is water under the bridge but they are being paid a handsome sum, they are paid preferentially and we have a right to expect an above-average professional service. I was present at the public meeting at Yarmouth Institute and concur that their lack of foresight was jaw-droppingly inept. Cllr Stuart Hutchinson, West Wight… Read more »
As a car driver, I really hate Yarmouth to the point of apoplexia. You see, there is nowhere whatsoever in that town that I, and anyone other visitor, can park without being fined either the pay’n’display penalty or worse! No sympathy when I read that “Local residents feel they are suffering from a major disturbance to their lives and businesses.” Although, I agree that Island Roads and… Read more »