Your vote can help secure funding for employment rights adviser

Isle Help Hub needs your votes to help secure funding for an employment rights adviser who can help empower members of the community.

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Ben Curtis of the Isle Help Hub (at Citizens Advice) has been in touch with details of a funding scheme they are bidding for at the moment.

Your votes are needed to help them secure funding from the Aviva Community Fund. They want to be able to employ a Work Rights Adviser to assist the Isle of Wight community.

Empowering members of the community
Here’s why they need the funding:

The Isle of Wight is an unemployment black spot with many people relying on poorly paid seasonal work or zero hours contracts. During the summer of 2017 one of the charity’s young advisers remarked on a sharp increase in the number of queries about employment rights, particularly from young people. So the Work Rights project was devised.

The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge on employment rights and empower members of the community. We will employ an additional adviser who specialises in employment rights and can deal with issues happening in the work place.

The Work Rights adviser will be able to use different channels to speak to people especially through webchat which allows contact to be made to Citizens Advice conveniently and from any place that has Internet access. The adviser will also be available on Advice Line (our telephone service) and face to face if necessary.

The Work Rights adviser will also visit our secondary schools and college to deliver presentations to young people about to enter the work place for the first time, ensuring information is clear on holiday entitlement, correct hourly pay, sickness absence and managing that first payslip.

The outcomes for the Island will be a better informed new workforce, who are less likely to go through anxiety when challenging their position at work; young people in receipt of correct pay, managing their money and less likely to get into debt; and a community aware of the channels available to access advice and information from our charity.

Vote now
If you’d like to support the scheme, vote on the Aviva site. You have to register and login, but then have up to ten votes.

Your votes could really help make this happen on the Isle of Wight.

Image: jakerust under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 13th November, 2017 2:42pm



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