Youth Club Extended to Upper Ventnor

Ventnor Youth Club has sessions in Upper Ventnor on Friday nights now.

Youth Club Extended to Upper VentnorAnother item that came up in Environment and Neighbourhood officer, Rob Reed’s report to the Town Council in Ventnor last night was the fact that the Ventnor Youth Club has extended their services to Upper Ventnor.

Over the past few months they’ve been running a pay-to-play football scheme between 6pm-7.30pm in the Rew Valley Sports Centre and hope to build further youth club sessions around this.

Rob told us last night that The IW Partnership Tasking and Co-ordinating Group have agreed to fund half of the requested bid to support Ventnor Youth Club’s initiative, so hopefully this service will be well used by the young people of Upper Ventnor.

Speaking to Linda Gorman who runs the Youth Club we also understand that the team have free use of a mobile classroom right next to the sports hall which could be used for arts and crafts activities, a place to sit and chat, condom distribution or even somewhere for the young people to play Wii fit.

Linda is keen to hear from the young people as to what they’d like to use the classroom space or sports hall for. Given the size of the hall, it’s possible that several activities could take place at the same time such as basketball, dodgeball, cricket, badminton etc.

The team are also open to changing the times that the activities run between, so if you think it they needs to start earlier or end later then she’d like to hear from you.

If you’ve got kids who might be able to use the new service, do let them know about this.

The can call in to the Ventnor Youth Club (in Victoria Street) or phone them on 852566 to find out more.

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Tuesday, 12th May, 2009 4:42pm



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Good luck Linda with this plan. Hope it is very successful. Suggest you get VMS to advertise it in their newsletters if you haven’t already done so.

Suze Keynes

VMS have provided the mobile room and have contributed to start up costs for equipment.