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Letter: Disgust at IW MP after vote to turn away 3,000 vulnerable refugee children

syrian refugees

Vix Lowthion, the leader of the Isle of Wight Green Party expresses her disgust after 294 MPs, including Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner, voted to turn away 3,000 vulnerable refugee children who have travelled to Europe.

Tuesday, 26th April, 2016 10:15am

By Vix Lowthion with 40 readers' comments

Letter: Jeremy Hunt must stop bullying our Junior Doctors

save the nhs

The Green Party MEP for the South East, Keith Taylor, accuses Jeremy Hunt of smearing an already strained workforce, adding that the government is "playing with fire with its bullying and disrespectful attitude towards our junior doctors".

Monday, 25th April, 2016 6:53am

By Keith Taylor with 11 readers' comments

Letter: Here’s why many East Cowes residents were against the Red Funnel plans

cards on the table

Sharon Lake sets out in clear and concise terms why many East Cowes residents and businesses were against the Red Funnel plans to expand their terminal.

Friday, 22nd April, 2016 6:56pm

By Sharon Lake with 12 readers' comments

Letter: Red Funnel have the opportunity to create something exceptional

vertical garden

Steven Goodman believes that following the rejection of Red Funnel's planning application to expand their terminal in East Cowes, they now have the opportunity to create something exceptional.

Friday, 22nd April, 2016 8:37am

By Steven Goodman with 5 readers' comments

Letter: Call for Red Funnel to take part in ‘meaningful debate’

east cowes

Cllr Hillard's open letter to Red Funnel CEO invites him to return to the table for meaningful dialogue with the community and take the opportunity to redesign plans so that they can deliver true regeneration in East Cowes.

Wednesday, 13th April, 2016 5:47pm

By Luisa Hillard with 55 readers' comments

Letter: Do planning officers read the council’s own reports? (Red Funnel’s redevelopment)

east cowes plans

Martin Young says he's dug out the council's own paperwork that shows highly, skilled Marine jobs will be exchanged for low pay Tourism and Retail jobs, if the Red Funnel proposal to change East Cowes goes ahead.

Tuesday, 12th April, 2016 7:50am

By Martin Young with 5 readers' comments

Letter: Here’s a top tip for reducing council tax for soon-to-be-hit disabled

monopoly board

Are you disabled, or know someone who is? This little-known tip could help you offset upcoming council tax rises targeted at the disabled.

Thursday, 7th April, 2016 10:19am

By C Wallis with 5 readers' comments

Letter: Young votes could decide EU referendum says Green MEP

euro young person

The Green MEP for the South East believes young voters could hold the key to maintaining Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Wednesday, 6th April, 2016 2:54pm

By Keith Taylor with 107 readers' comments

Letter: Is there any planning enforcement on the Isle of Wight?


A reader writes that a property developer is building without planning permission. Not only that but he says they're ignoring past planning conditions - that are endangering his property. When will the council act?

Tuesday, 29th March, 2016 1:13pm

By Gordon Payne with 23 readers' comments

Letter: If there’s no Devolution Deal, how do we resolve the Council’s financial crisis?

Plan C signage

There's been much debate around the possibility of a Devolution Deal, be it with Hampshire or just the Solent region. One reader asks why we shouldn't fight for our own Devo Deal on the Island , similar to that of Cornwall?

Monday, 28th March, 2016 7:44pm

By Diana Conyers with 20 readers' comments

Iain Duncan-Smith invited to beautiful Isle of Wight to live on £57.90pw

iain duncan smith

Back in 2013, the Work and Pensions Secretary said he could survive on £53pw if he had to. As he may have more time on his hands now - following his resignation last week - he's been invited by one Isle of Wight resident to spend a few weeks on the Island testing out his claim.

Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016 1:40pm

By Luisa Hillard with 53 readers' comments

Letter: Elderly parents of autistic man forced by cuts to give up caring for him. It’s heart-wrenching

Man showing despair

After 37 years of daily looking after their brain-damaged son, recent forced cutbacks make Isle of Wight couple in their 70s feel they have no option but to give up caring for their son.

Friday, 18th March, 2016 7:20pm

By Anonymous with 59 readers' comments