72 + 49 Year Old Arrested Over Sex On Shanklin Beach

Police give couple a stiff talking too. Did you see anything?

Here’s a story you don’t hear of every day.

72 Year Old + 49 YO Arrested Over Sex On Shanklin BeachAt 3.50pm on Sunday (8 August), Isle of Wight Police were called to the beach at Shanklin Esplanade after some members of public contacted the police as two people appeared to be involved in a sexual act on the beach.

A 49-year-old woman from Redhill, Surrey, and a 72-year-old man, originally from the Derby area, were both arrested on suspicion of being involved in an act of outraging public decency.

They were taken to Newport Police Station for questioning and bailed until 26 September pending further enquiries.

Did you see anything?
The investigating officers would like to speak with members of the public who had been on Shanklin beach on Sunday afternoon, but didn’t give the police a statement.

If you were on the beach but didn’t give a witness statement to the police yet they’re asking you to call Shanklin Police Station on 101.

From outside Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, call the police on 0845 045 45 45. Mini-Com users can call the police on 01962 875000. Information can be given anonymously by calling the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

Image: zakwitnij under CC BY-SA 2.0

Thursday, 12th August, 2010 3:22pm


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  1. lin's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    12.Aug.2010 10:09pm

    She may have just been giving him the kiss of life.

  2. Vix's comment is rated +6 Vote +1 Vote -1

    12.Aug.2010 11:26pm

    I think that usually happens on the mouth….

  3. Fernandomando's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    12.Aug.2010 11:29pm

    What would have been really interesting is if the police had found a 121 year old of unknown gender, and expressed that person’s age in algebraic equations.

  4. wabbit's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    13.Aug.2010 7:40am

    Dirty old man!Does anyone know what happened to the last couple a few months back which was reported by The Gazette?

  5. lin's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    13.Aug.2010 10:08am

    Sex is not dirty as long as you wash your hands afterwards…

  6. intentionally blank's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    13.Aug.2010 10:32am

    it might be amusing but if your on the beach with your kids would you want them to see that?

    Still, maybe they were a bit kinky and used handcuffs… save the police the trouble…

  7. lin's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    13.Aug.2010 4:55pm

    yes your right , but seems children watch soaps and its on there at 7.30pm all the time , if you had little ones you would have to shield them of course ,we do “poke fun” sorry no offence meant .

  8. Ade T's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    13.Aug.2010 11:41pm

    Will you two be inviting them back to Perry Towers for fun and frolics?

  9. iowlen's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    14.Aug.2010 12:06am

    Someone said she was a little person , but I reckon she was a goblin.

  10. daft old duffer's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    15.Aug.2010 10:04am

    I don’t entirely blame the old boy.
    At that age you have to grab it where you can
    And I bet he’s a bit proud of himself on the quiet

  11. seb's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    16.Aug.2010 10:48am

    …In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks
    Slightly worn but dignified and not too old for sex
    We’re still striving for the sky
    No taste for humble pie
    Thanks for all your generous love and thanks for all the fun
    Neither you nor I’m to blame when all is said and done

    It’s so strange when you’re down and lying on the floor
    How you rise, shake your head, get up and ask for more…


    when all is said and done – ABBA


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