Natwest Bank Ventnor Branch To Close (Updated)

Although not many people have heard about it in Ventnor yet. Those who have a very concerned and upset

A number of readers have contacted VentnorBlog asking us to spread the news that the Ventnor’s Natwest Bank has been marked for closure.

There is a petition at Seasons to sign for
those who object to the closure.

NatWest VentnorThere’s a poster high up in right-hand window outside the building (photos below).

16 November 2011 is the date on the notice, although we understand that the notice inside has to be pointed out to those entering the branch, as it isn’t very obvious.

HSBC will be the only bank with a branch in Ventnor after the closure.

Concerns amongst the few who know so far
The notice of the closure is so far less than well-known around the town, but those VB has spoken to are upset at the bank’s decision and very concerned at the long-term implications.

Concerns raised so far include personal banking; how local business will be able to bank their takings; and what will happen to those who people that bank with NatWest but don’t have transport, given the next nearest branch is Shanklin.

Confusion as windows recently changed
There’s additional confusion as the bank changed all of their front windows only a few weeks ago, at what must have been considerable expense. VB understands that this was also after many years of gaining the necessary planning permission.

More information as and when we get it.

What do you think?
What are your feelings on the closure?

Updated 19:44 Thanks to VB reader Mark for writing to tell us about the poster in the window. We’d had a look for it this afternoon, but couldn’t see it. Nearly missed it a second time this evening too! (It’s pretty high up and in sombre tones, as you can see from the pic)

Friday, 26th August, 2011 4:31pm



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  1. sheila's comment is rated +8 Vote +1 Vote -1

    26.Aug.2011 5:06pm

    Another nail in the coffin for the closure of Ventnor as a town

    • Bluey's comment is rated +6 Vote +1 Vote -1

      26.Aug.2011 7:29pm

      Fear not Shelia, HSBC in Ventnor offers a good service and you will be surprised how many existing bank accounts can be operated from the Post Office in Church Street (open Saturdays). We should use Ventnor services whenever we can to reduce the risk of further closures.

    • bes's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

      28.Aug.2011 10:29am

      Surely something can and must be done to stop this closure..
      A petition? (Nat West customers will eventually close their accounts if they have to rely on Shanklin and Newport), Ventnor Councillors, contact Andrew Turner?

      It’s ridiculous for the population of Ventnor along with the many tourists to have to rely on one bank – HSBC.

      HSBC cash machine often causes congestion and problems for pedestrians, with queues back to Somerfields. The public has already lost the use of the Winter Gardens cash machine.

      I don’t think the Post Office will be too thrilled either at the prospect unless it’s generates a profit.
      let’s not sit and moan, get your thinking caps on- it’s obvious NatWest hasnt..

  2. John's comment is rated +5 Vote +1 Vote -1

    26.Aug.2011 10:16pm

    Oh dear,Nat. West. is now no longer Ventnor’s “local bank” as the bank boast!

    That’s what comes after Fred the Shred ruined them and us the people and the Government nationalised them.

  3. John's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    26.Aug.2011 10:42pm

    At least HSBC are solvent,unlike RBS(NatWest) and Lloyds who are on life support from HM Treasury(all our taxes).

  4. Darran's comment is rated +4 Vote +1 Vote -1

    27.Aug.2011 1:43am

    Good job RBS/NatWest basic account customers can use any cash machine to get their money. Oh wait, no, they can’t anymore. They’ll have to go to Newport.

  5. Alan Mansell's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    27.Aug.2011 7:39am

    This is poor coming from a company bailed out with our money.

    Lloyd’s closed their branch in Yarmouth a few years ago leaving no banks at all. Thankfully the surviving Post Office there has a cash machine and some bank’s transactions can be carried out inside.

    Freshwater has NatWest, Barclays & HSBC, but for how much longer?

  6. sheila's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    28.Aug.2011 8:46am

    I don’t want to use the HSBC bank. I bank with NatWest and want to use a local branch not a machine or online.

  7. Better Red than Bled's comment is rated +3 Vote +1 Vote -1

    28.Aug.2011 11:51am

    I wonder if Wetherspoons would have a cash machine and a desk for transactions in their new Ventnor branch?

    • Alan Mansell's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

      29.Aug.2011 11:28am

      Now that’s a great idea! Banks in pubs, lovely. I recall that a while back when Barclays in Freshwater had to close temporarily due to fire damage, they relocated to The Vine across the road. That idea almost got me to move my account.

  8. daveq's comment is rated +2 Vote +1 Vote -1

    29.Aug.2011 12:01pm

    Great, from a bank who are still advertising on national TV that they will not shut anymore branches! Surely they are in breach of the rules on advertising?


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