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40 jobs to go as Planet Ice set to close

The staff and skating coaches will all lose their jobs unless someone can be found to take over the ice rink before the end of March.

Planet Ice

Around 40 jobs at the Isle of Wight’s only ice skating rink will go after it was announced that Planet Ice (Ryde Arena) will close at the end of March.

The CP are reporting that owner of the ice rink, Mike Petrouis, visited the Island today to break the news to staff.

34 members of staff, as well as skating coaches, will now have to find other work, some after having worked there for many years.

New leaseholder sought
Manager, Lorna Cotton, told the CP Mr Petrouis had said he’d listen to anyone who wanted to take it over, apparently adding he’d “sell them the fixtures and fittings, and the rest of the lease, for £5 if it would keep the rink open”.

Opened in 1991, the ice rink is also home to figure skating, ice hockey teams and has hosted a number of music events over the years.

Our thoughts are with all those affected.


Image: © Google Streetview

Tuesday, 17th February, 2015 6:05pm



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  1. Very sad news?

  2. After the hysteria dies down ….. it’s pure economics. They obviously aren’t getting the people through the doors. I wonder how many of those lamenting its demise have ever been in there.

    • Ian Young

      17.Feb.2015 7:21pm

      I see no hysteria, just regret and human compassion.

    • I think tiki has a point. The Snooty Fox/Dark Horse in Brading along with the wax works and, I think, secret garden have all failed. The Roadside Inn in Nettlestone has failed for lack of trade and may become a Tesco Express. The Porchfield is on the market having closed. In the main it’s all down to lack of trade especially for pubs in the winter relying on locals to keep them going. As tiki states, clearly they are not being used.

  3. So these good folk will lose their jobs through fault of themselves.

    In time they risk being labelled as ‘scroungers’ etc if they do not fall into new jobs within a few weeks and try to live on the Job Seekers Allowance.

    Perhaps the skating coaches could work for the Council if they can show skills in skating on thin ice.

  4. correction – should be no fault of of themselves.

  5. One could be forgiven for thinking that the Island is fast becoming like Blackpool or Rhyl. We have Sandown looking shabby, Harcourt Sands still derelict for more than a decade. Hoteliers putting their premises on the market with no takers. Toilets closed, tourist information reduced, ferry fares. I can see no end in sight. If I was in business relying on the tourist trade, I would be quite pessimistic.

  6. Lord Bermondsey

    17.Feb.2015 10:33pm

    On The Wight quote…”Our thoughts are with all those affected”.

    Quite right, and not the first time recently you’ve given these kind words to those that will be affected.

    How come then, whenever jobs are being cut at the council, we don’t see this message from you?

    What have they done to warrant this omission?

  7. yes Tiki it is the economy, only self inflicted by the government in Westminster as they seem to act driven by there Tory dogma and not by simple economics….

    here its explained 160 years ago

    Tendency of the rate of profit to fall

    • Quite interesting article. I have my thoughts on why island tourist businesses are not doing well. All tourist businesses have multiple outside factors beyond their control which hamper their ability to prosper.

      Take as an example a medium-sized hotel. First it must attract tourists but it is hampered by the ferry companies who dictate how much those tourists will pay to arrive. Many will refuse to pay the price and go elsewhere for a holiday.

      Next up is the council which dictates how much is paid in local rates and taxes. All this must be recovered from the tourist. The price charged of several hundred pounds a week deters some who will go abroad for less money.

      Then the council is responsible for the tourist experience once he has left the hotel to do normal holiday activities. He finds the toilets closed and no tourist information. He notices his hotel and others from the outside along with other shops as being shabby due to lack of profit for refurbishment. He sees shabby areas within a short walk from his hotel which detracts from his holiday experience.

      Little wonder some, not all, will consider whether the Island is worth another visit depending upon their personal experiences.

    • Mark Francis

      18.Feb.2015 9:48am

      You have hit the nail on the head ewald!
      I have never quite understood the principle behind this, which I have understood was due to the increased organic composition of capital – that is to say that through mechanisation the element of pricing due to labour is reduced & it is axiomatic through the Ricardo Labour Theory of Value that this would reduce profits. But why? Is fork made by a machine or a 3D printer still not the same fork? Perhaps I’ve just got it wrong.
      I shall read the article.

      And I think Sandown is already on a par with those derelict windswept northern ex-resorts.

    • Although profits might eventually reduce in a free market due to competition, such free markets are few and far between as corporations grow and create protective cartels, monopolies and duopolies.

      Thus the number of private pockets into which those profits disappear diminishes year-on-year. Thus the ricjh get richer, the poor get poorer and the GINI index widens.

  8. profoundlife

    18.Feb.2015 12:15pm

    ewald, if the best you’ve got to offer if Marxist theory, we are in trouble. It doesn’t explain why somewhere like Norfolk or parts of the South coast has done relatively well whilst too much of the Wight has stagnated. Skaters of the world unite!

    • Perhaps it’s because people travelling to Norfolk and the South Coast don’t have to encounter Red Funnel or Wightlink.

    • ones you forget the brainwash
      all economics at the time, smith even earlier explained it similarly, but I think KM is best to understand, only he was misused by Engels & Labour and communism later….

  9. Mark ffancis

    18.Feb.2015 1:25pm

    I think it is also Adam Smith Theory too.


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