After 13 weeks suspended whilst repairs took place – the Floating Bridge out of service again! (update 2)

After being out of service for 13 weeks with major repairs taking place, the Cowes Floating Bridge is out of service again.

Floating Bridge and suspended sign at East Cowes

The Cowes Floating Bridge has been suspended due to a fault on Floating Bridge 6 – which was recently out of service for 13 weeks.

The floating bridge came back into service from 1pm.

Cllr Karl Love tells News OnTheWight that it’s been “identified that a weld has blown on the north west prow hydraulics causing the leak”.

Independently, Cameron Palin told us the hydraulics have failed.

Being fixed this morning
An engineering firm has been called to repair it this morning, but the bridge will be out for at least a couple of hours.

IWC statement
At 11.18am a spokesperson for the Isle of Wight council told News OnTheWight,

“The floating bridge is currently out of service due to an oil leak. Engineers are on site and the foot passenger launch is in operation. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Hydraulics rebuilt
During the 13 weeks the bridge was suspended the Isle of Wight council said to fix the problem with the hydraulics,

“The hydraulic rams have been removed, stripped down, inspected and have been rebuilt; the hydraulic system has been flushed and repairs to the hydraulic pumps and motors have been undertaken.”

Love: “Institutional blindness”
Cllr Love told News OnTheWight,

“I am at my wits end with this FB6.

“There has been an institutional blindness created by the council’s own self belief that they can fix it at all costs.

“This has resulted in our precious and limited taxpayers’ money being thrown away and all I’m trying to do along with Cllr Lora Wilcox is to find and explore different solutions. I would’ve long ago abandoned ship and let it sink.

“Abandoning ship allows us to fight another day and to rebuild going forward and to be creative. That’s all I’m trying to be, realistic and creative.”

Article edit
11.40am 31 Oct 2020 – Statement from IWC added
2.30pm 31 Oct 2020 – update on status added

Image: © With kind permission of Cameron Palin

Saturday, 31st October, 2020 10:59am



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What have the Isle of Wight Council and the floating bridge got in common?

Both are worse than useless, not fit for purpose and a drain on the council tax payers money.

Ba Boom!


Being creative Councillor Love is about building a bridge for traffic up river and a submersed tunnel at Cowes/East Cowes end for walkers and bikes. What they’ve spent on the FB6 could have paid for much of the bridge. If they had not also wasted the money from Asda one could be being built by now.


Please get a new floating bridge, Isle of Wight Council.


If they did, do you really think the present muppets in County Hall would get a new one that worked?


Hands up, who had a fiver on this at Ladbrooks?


You would’nt get a price on it Andy-all bets are off……..

Rhos yr Alarch

No surprise there, then…

Benny C
Election time is coming. Dave Stewart, are you going to support or sack Ian Ward, on whose watch this mess started and on whose watch it has gone from bad to worse. Because I suspect your own future might depend on this answer more than you might think. And we mean sack, not ‘allow to stand down‘. Our Council needs a shake up and it needs to… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

The problem with councilors an officers is that they are using other peoples money not their own (apart from their own rates bill of course) and its considered a grant not a loan so why should they care. They are not even as good as – dare I say it- Donald Trump who is at least a good, or should I say vicious negotiator.

Very unfortunate comparison. Apart from the public tantrums, Trump is known to be US $400 million in debt — money for which he, not his companies, is personally liable. His fear of the day of reckoning is likely to be a factor in his threats not to leave the White House. The council may be held hostage by various parties for ‘professional services’ (the tenth letter of… Read more »

…. just a thought ….. on a slightly smaller scale perhaps ??