Karl Love

Karl Love was elected as Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes in the 2017 council elections.

He also serves as a town councillor for East Cowes.

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Cowes Floating Bridge suspended as ‘safety precaution’ over concerns about prow cable

floating bridge suspended sign

The engineers won't be inspecting the floating bridge until Monday, so as a safety precaution it's been taken out of service over the weekend

Saturday, 10th April, 2021 6:34am

By Sally Perry with 8 readers' comments

‘We cannot keep throwing good money after bad’ says councillor over FB6

Karl Love at the election count

The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes shares his response to last night's Corporate Scrutiny meeting where the failures of the floating bridge were discussed

Wednesday, 10th March, 2021 9:57am

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

Cllr Karl Love shares his opinion on next week’s Scrutiny Meeting to examine a new Floating Bridge 6 report

Floating Bridge Suspended

Next week’s Scrutiny Meeting - the last before the election - will examine a new report on Floating Bridge 6. East Cowes Cllr Karl Love lays out his opinion of it in advance.

Saturday, 6th March, 2021 12:50pm

By Karl Love with 5 readers' comments

Life on the Isle of Wight in the 1990s accurately reflected in It’s a Sin, says former youth worker

Karl Love and David Hill and Karl on a boat

As the popular TV series, It's a Sin, reaches its finale tonight, Karl Love shares stories about his time as a youth community worker focused on HIV and AIDs prevention in the 1990s

Friday, 19th February, 2021 3:58pm

By Sally Perry

Major highways regeneration scheme in East Cowes gets underway next month

York Road showing poor road surface

The work is being split into separate phases to ensure as much of York Avenue as possible can remain open to traffic for as long as possible

Thursday, 18th February, 2021 3:49pm

By Gavin Foster with 2 readers' comments

Plan to give Isle of Wight residents a stronger voice through a Citizens’ Assembly voted down by councillors

Thumbs down symbol behind window covered in rain drops with thumbs up reflecting in them

It was suggested the councillors missed the point of the motion, and some were accused of making personal attacks on Cllr Lilley. Comprehensive report within

Thursday, 21st January, 2021 12:28pm

By Sally Perry with 13 readers' comments

Concerned voices ask County Hall Conservatives to reconsider opening of schools tomorrow

empty primary school classroom

More voices are added to the concerns expressed about the reopening of primary and special schools from tomorrow. Read the details within

Sunday, 3rd January, 2021 8:07pm

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Floating Bridge 6 fiasco hits the national news

Floating Bridge and suspended sign at East Cowes

Duncan Kennedy's report on BBC Radio 4's Today programme (have a listen within) takes the fiasco of the Floating Bridge to a national audience

Saturday, 5th December, 2020 12:08pm

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

World Aids Day a poignant reminder of difficult days and the need to continue to fight the stigma

It was World AIDS Day yesterday, Cllr Karl Love has this message as he remembered Islanders who lost their lives to this devastating disease

Wednesday, 2nd December, 2020 10:04am

By Karl Love

Floating Bridge to be suspended yet again due to another oil leak

Suspended service sign at the Cowes Floating Bridge - with the message suspended again

A leak of hydraulic oil from the ram means the Floating Bridge will have to be taken out of service yet again

Friday, 27th November, 2020 9:43am

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

‘Floaty McFloat Farce’ aka Floating Bridge 6 makes it onto BBC’s Politics South show

An empty Floating Bridge 6 during sunset

The Floating Bridge fiasco reached the dizzy heights of the BBC’s Politics South show this morning. Link to watch again within

Sunday, 22nd November, 2020 4:04pm

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council accused of ‘institutional blindness’ over the Floating Bridge fiasco

Floating Bridge and suspended sign at East Cowes

Cllr Karl Love said there is 'institutional blindness' as far as the Floating Bridge is concerned — the belief that the problems can be fixed no matter what. Details within

Wednesday, 11th November, 2020 9:19am

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 6 readers' comments