Alexei Sayle speaks to OnTheWight about comedy, writing and Hovercraft

In the lead up to his sell-out booking at Quay Arts this Friday, we chat to Alexei about how his life is these days and how he spends his time.

Alexei Sayle

When we heard that Alexei Sayle would be coming to the Isle of Wight, we acted fast in getting in touch with Quay Arts to make sure we got an interview slot booked.

The man is part of growing-up for us. His frenetic comedy act stood him apart from the other performers who made up the wave of what was then called, alternative comedians.

We had the opportunity of speaking to Alexei today, in the lead up to his sold-out book reading at Quay Arts this coming Friday.

In the usual OnTheWight-style, we prefer to just ‘have a chat’, rather than the dry, robot journo style of just getting quotes for the article.

Chatted about …
Have a listen to the audio below, while we touch on:-

  • How his book readings led him to a new way of doing stand-up comedy after he stopped in 1996.
  • How the post-Punk era influenced the early days of alternative comedy
  • His change from stand-up to book writing
  • How the heck did Brother Sayle get to write for The Telegraph?
  • What it’s like to see your whole performance history available online on YouTube
  • Hovercraft and his plan to visit the Griffon Hoverworks on his way to the Island
  • The shift from the stiff world of the past to the more fluid (online) world we live in now
  • How he finds Blogging

 Have a listen

Monday, 16th September, 2013 7:00pm



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3 Comments on "Alexei Sayle speaks to OnTheWight about comedy, writing and Hovercraft"

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Have to say I’d rather buy a ticket to go and watch Simon, on the strength of this. Sayle sounds exhausted, despite Simon’s energy. Or maybe this is how he is off-stage.


Great interview, really looking forward to seeing Alexei at the Quay on Friday.

He should come by Hover, they’d probably let him go up into the pilot’s cockpit.


How did it go?

(Sadly, Tony Benn was off sick on the 16th, so the much anticipated gathering of OTW-ers didn’t materialise…)