Alternative Vote Results For The Isle of Wight

Islanders vote No in majority for AV

This just in from the council. Ed

The result of the referendum on the voting system for UK Parliamentary elections on the Isle of Wight is as follows.

Yes – 11,311

No – 32,841

The turnout was 40.14%

The number of spoilt papers was 85

The result was announced by Counting Officer Steve Beynon following verification and count at Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, on Friday 6 May 2011.

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Steephill Jack

An opportunity lost to the conservatives in both main parties, so now we’re stuck with their ya-boo party style of government. Winner takes all.


The people have voted (or not). Its called democracy. Give up whining!


After a campaign of lies about almost everything from the NO party what can you expect. Democracy only works when it is manipulated. We are now stuck with lazy MP’s with safe comfy seats regardless of how they rape the vulnerable and poor because of their Etonian roots.


The Yes vote also failed because of apathy and a lack of interest even though it’s an important issue. Sadly AV was never explained very well and the Yes campaign was weak.

I think many people also voted No as a way of trying to punish Nick Clegg and the Liberal Party. The council election results reflect this trend.

Steephill Jack
Clegg failed by joining the Tories and voting for issues that the LimDems said they would never support. As a result the voters don’t trust him or his party. He also failed to get a sensible referendum on a proportional representation system and we got a compromise proposal that the Tories campaigned against very successfully. I think they have wiped the floor with Clegg and he should… Read more »
Steephill Jack

40% of the people voted, as usual.


Total rubbish
The yes campaign don’t like the first past the post system
BUT were happy to use theft system to get the AV system in.
Any one with intelligence would realize it’s a crap system
And the only way the lib dems would ever get in to power on there own.


Explain the theft system? Do you mean the system that all party leaders are elected?

Chris Wilmott
IOW Male sounds regrettably typical of all too many IOW males (and some females too): never mind thinking about the issue, just add to the mindless abuse of those who think differently from yourself. The irony is, he doesn’t seem to realise that AV (and later PR) would actually ensure that even extremely ignorant nuts (e.g. BNP, UKIP) would be sure to be represented in parliament, as… Read more »
Paul Miller
An argument both for and against most forms of preferential/proportional voting is precisely that it would allow the ‘nutters’ to get elected under their own steam as it were. The status quo party doesn’t want any light shone on where they get their support from at present. I don’t really ‘blame’ them for having this attitude but they shouldn’t take liberties with the truth. What really gets… Read more »

The BNP should definately be invited to speak…it leads to their downfall 100% of the time…although finding someone willing to do so now they are the verge of collapse and following their disasterous election results (again) would be a problem

Get in the real world chris You will be telling me next you want the iow council to stop the cuts We as a country wasted millions on this Liberal pie in the sky vote that had no chance from day one Money that could have been used to bail out the mess the labour party left this country in Time are hard and hard choices need… Read more »
Yes cuts had to be made, but when the financial crisis was worldwide not down to Labour, and there are very few if any National assets left thanks to Thatcher, and numerous alternative budgets put forward that didn’t require this scale of massive cuts, which are hitting the poor and most vulnerable only, surely even you can see what is happening isn’t necessary if you have the… Read more »
James Arrow

Do you remember the Clegg factor during the General Election? Well it’s still there!!! This time, though, it’s a liability. If they don’t get rid soon it’ll spell the end of the Libs permanently!!

fat boy fat

Well said Hermit you should be in politics.


I think someone needs to re-orientate themselves to the “real world”, as an active campaigner in Stopping The Cuts you need to see how the cuts are affecting the vulnerable on the IOW. As for wasting millions look no further than your local Tory ruling group.

Chris you appear to be the voice of reason but I trust Iowmale is not typical.


Iowmale doesn’t even understand that first past the post works perfectly when there are only two options. When there are more than two options AV makes sure that the winner has more votes than everyone else, which is not the case at present. It’s a shame the yes campaign was so poor at explaining this.

Av is as crap as FPTP…the electorate understood this…it was a cop out option that not even the LibDems fully supported becasue they have wanted PR for decades and AV is not PR and a successful vote for AV would mean no chance of PR for another 200 years. The Tories only allowed the vote on AV becasue they new it was rubbish and would mean no… Read more »

More Daily Mail/Sun hype.Blame the Labour party for the mess created by bankers who in turn are supported by rabid tories.

As for AV what is fair about a system where the minority succeed despite the majority voting against.

Cameron has manipulated Clegg who wanted his 5 minutes of fame.Well he’s had it and so has Cameron.Time for a change.


The above is meant to be in response to “iow male”

Karen Gentleman

Oh yes, times are hard. But not if you’re a member of the super rich (see the Times Richlist 2011 tomorrow).


Instead of cuts to public services, hitting the poor, elderly, vulnerable, low and average wage earners, the super rich should be paying super taxes and the thieving bankers should be made to pay back all the money that has created the deficit.


Result! Cue for the resident whingers to insult the intelligence of the electorate, there’s nothing as illiberal than a Liberal.


Well at least the Scots have some common sense.

Might be worth emigrating there in a few years time if they can get independence before Cameron and chums have wrecked the economy completely.




“Insult the intelligence of the electorate” Thats a laugh. You mean the “sheep”who read and believe the hype spewed by the right wing press.Its all very well labelling everyone who can see the reality of destruction caused by voting Conservative,a left wing loonie,commie,etc but the truth is under this damned coalition life is going to get worse for the man in the steet.


I would never vote Tory in my life and saw no merit in AV whatsoever…and I understood it completely…My regret is that this referendum took place at all whne real reform should have been debated. The ‘No’ lies where every bit as bad as the ‘Yes’ lies, both sides had equal time and opportunity to convince people and the size of the opposition to change has made… Read more »

Sadly the merits of AV were never fully explained and rubbished by the lies of the Tories, No campaign and most of the tabloid media. Obviously this cast doubt in many voters minds and so they stuck with the system they know. In many ways it was a case of “Better the devil you know”.

witchfinder general
Well I understood it, I voted yes. All the tory propaganda in the world would not convince me to do otherwise. The lib dems are taking the stick as the tory whipping boys. Does everybody think the same cuts and pocket lining would not happen if the Conservatives had won outright. Thatcher cured me years ago of even thinking about voting for them. Even now all they… Read more »

Most of the PLP were against AV; rather negates the tinfoil hat Tory conspiracy drones, nicht wahr?


Oh, and Maggie was a classical liberal of the Manchester school, as you well know…

The nasty, uncaring Tory party has raised it’s ugly head yet again. These Tories try to bull***t us they have moved on from Thatcherism and have become progressive although under their disguise they are still nasty Thatcherites that believe in the ideology of greed, selfishness, corrupt big business and the rich and powerful. Is it any wonder the island is going to the dogs when we have… Read more »
Balanced judgment

Great result in the referendum particularly as it has clearly caused so much grief to most of the posters on here.

If I could add a comment here. In the Local Government elections in England the Tory Vote held up and they actually gained some seats. Now if we had had Council elections this year I very much doubt if the Island would have bucked the national trend. In other words Pugh and Co would have been returned in office despite the furore over the spending cuts. As… Read more »