Andrew Turner returned as Isle of Wight MP: The detail (Update 6)

The disruption to incumbent Conservative MP Andrew Turner’s election campaign over the last few months has not affected the final outcome of the general election vote. A remarkable result for many reasons. We’ve got a full breakdown of all the significant points.

Andrew Turner on election night 2015

The outcome of polling for the 2015 election has been announced by High Sheriff, Ron Holland. 

The incumbent Conservative MP Andrew Turner has been re-elected as Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight.

((See our blow-by-blow live coverage))

The votes
Mr Turner received 28,591 votes. That’s 40.67 % of the votes cast – and 26.28% of the voting population of the Island.

The other results:
UKIP – 14,888
Green – 9,404
Labour – 8,984
LibDem – 5,235
Indie – 3,198

Of those who could have voted
Andrew Turner (Conservative) – 26.28%
Iain McKie (UKIP) – 13.68%
Vix Lowthion (Green) – 8.64%
Stewart Blackmore (Lab) – 8.26%
David Goodall (Lib-Dem) – 4.81%
Ian Stephens (Indie) – 2.94%

Of those who voted
Andrew Turner (Conservative) – 40.67%
Iain McKie (UKIP) – 21.18%
Vix Lowthion (Green) – 13.38%
Stewart Blackmore (Lab) – 12.78%
David Goodall (Lib-Dem) – 7.45%
Ian Stephens (Indie) – 4.55%

The video of the results being announced & Andrew Turner’s speech

Speeches of the other candidates

How much larger is the 2015 Party vote count, than 2010?

Change in Party voting levels

In the 2010 election, Mr Turner received 32,810 votes – giving him a majority of 10,527 over the Liberal Democrat candidate, Jill Wareham.

This is Mr Turner’s fourth consecutive win on the Island, first winning the seat from Liberal Democrat, Peter Brand, in 2001.

There has been much controversy surrounding Mr Turner’s election campaign. In January, members of the Executive of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association made clear they wishes for him to stand down.

Mr Turner went on to survive an Executive vote of ‘no confidence’ by one vote and remained resolute as candidate. He then lost his second Agent, David Walter, who was replaced by Chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association, Ian Ward.

Andrew Turner’s majority increased
Despite of this – or perhaps because of it – Andrew Turner has increased his majority (the gap between himself and the next person), by 30%)

Updated a number of times as more detail became available.
07:52: Added Change in Party voting levels chart
08:08 Added link to last night’s liver coverage.
10:58 Added 2015 vs 2010 Party vote multiplier chart
17 Jul 2015 – Noticed %age of those who could have voted was missing. Added it

Friday, 8th May, 2015 3:10am



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What a disappointment absolutely gutted


The Green party is gaining voters, great to see!


OTW; thank you for the reporting.

AT; thank you, and your colleagues, in advance for continuing to provide copy for the Eye to report.

Vix & the others; thank you for trying to give us something different to report.

Goodnight, and good luck.

As predicted, Andrew, & IWCA chairman Ian Ward, feature in the latest Eye (1392, p.9). According to Ian’s email to supporters, it was clear that most Islanders wanted a Conservative MP. Oops! As the Eye points out, AT was backed by 26.3% of the total electorate-and even among those who actually voted he won 40.7% which is nearly 10% short of being “most of the people”. As… Read more »

I wonder who contributes these to the Eye.


Andrew, well done, now drop the rubbish in the Conservative Party and the hangers on and put the Island , first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on….. your party, and always remember, let you down


A tragedy that we remain lumbered with an ineffective MP who is an embarrassment to our beautiful Island.


Better an embarrassment than a kipper.


Those embarrassed will be the back stabbers and bad mouthers. Every such comment probably gained Mr.Turner a few more votes.

Mark Francis

Dinosaur Isle

BRILLIANT. Obviously 28,000 don’t find AT ineffective. It was a grubby campaign and I think AT did well without any support from his own party. I hope Pugh and his cronies take note. As for Labour, well time for new blood. If the Green candidate wants to be here for the next election perhaps she should try and get elected on to a parish council. I didn’t… Read more »
I do not believe it
I must congratulate AT on his victory, despite my not having voted for him. Paradoxically, in my view, it was the herd of moronic self-seeking clowns of the IW Conservative Association who delivered this result for AT. They have behaved dishonourably and treacherously for months in trying to destroy AT and I think the voters recognised this and rallied to support him. I suggest that the clique… Read more »

I actually think Turner has Ian McKie to thank for his victory. Almost everyone I know who voted Conservative did so as an anti-UKIP tactic.

If UKIP weren’t standing I think the result might have been much more interesting.

Mark Francis

I dreamed I saw the Medina foaming with mud.


The Vectian Sibyl speaks! :-))

Mark Francis

Cassandra more like.




At least it is not Tiresias Mark!


what is wrong with you people. This is a joke

Albert Street
The role of the Isle of Wight MP will be critical, particularly if the Conservatives gain an overall majority as Cameron will be keen to get all his MPs onside. So AT should stand strong and set his own red lines for the Island. It is now up to all of us to ensure that AT not only realises his responsibilities to the island but the opportunity… Read more »

In his fourth term I think that’s a pretty fornlorn hope.


Forlorn even…

Mark Francis

I doubt AT could set red lines in the IWCA let alone Westminster

Obviously 28,591 people who can afford private health care, have no children in school, definitely have no children with special needs of any kind, know nobody with a disability, or has a care need, are financially secure for the rest of their lives, doesn’t care where their energy comes from or how it is produced, and have no regard or concern for any other human being but… Read more »
In a time the world cries out for – CHANGE – on an Island with so many natural recourses who could help achieving this turn it is mind-blowing how voters priorities there lowest instincts and voting Tory_UKIP…… A highlight to see the increasing number of people having a clear view, giving Vix their trust, supporting the Green Party and expressing the need for a change to a… Read more »
Well done to AT for winning despite his Conservative Association’s efforts to destabilise him. Still think he should have stepped down for the sake of the island. As I thought would happen all the mobility scooters and care home residents were out in force ensuring the island maintains the status quo. Until the voting system changes and constituency sizes become more equal smaller parties will continue to… Read more »
billy builder
Darcy, no, I’m crying into my coffee. Its a very very sad day for the LibDems, the centre-left, the Island and the Country. When Pandora’s voting box was opened, I do not think that even hope was left inside. We now face 5 years of unconstrained Tory mis-rule, including savage cuts for the poor, tax breaks for the rich and an EU in/out referendum which will certainly… Read more »

@BB Respect! You supported Goodall valiantly but got defeated by the general malaise and distrust the LibDems in the Coalition left in their wake.

Billy – you were calling on all left of centre voters to unite behind David Goodall who came in a poor fifth so no one appears to have taken any notice of you! Actually if you add up the votes of all 4 left of centre candidates they come to 1770 short of Turner’s total. That a Conservative candidate as patently incompetent as Turner can still win… Read more »
phil jordan


Pretty much devastated….

The likelihood of more grant funded cuts to local government is seriously realistic. We will see.

Current cuts will probably see this authority off…. irregardless of who manages the administration.

Any more and there is no doubt.


Mark Francis

Irregardless is not a word & can never be a word

Ali Hayden.

Sometimes in life…just having the courage to stand up is enough. Over 3,000 Islanders stood with you Ian Stephens and I am proud I was one of them.

Albert Street
Massive Ego’s and unbridled arrogance has its costs. Let’s hope lessons have been learned, although knowing the protagonists involved I seriously doubt it. Now for real change, I propose a review of the way all elected members, irrespective of political views, to form an executive based on the best person for the job under an employed chief executive. Simplistically, represting the people in their respective wards and… Read more »
I broadly agree. I supported the coalition last time and still believe the LDs were a moderating influence for good. I also will grieve for the island which will now continue to remain under the national radar allowing all sorts of petty squabbles and parochial infighting so typical of a small island. Because of the demographics, Labour will never do well here but Labour supporters could easily… Read more »

A really excellent result for Ian and UKIP – lot of work has gone into making UKIP the second party on the Isle of Wight.

Great result for Vix and the Greens

Independants well – it says it all really they were never going to do well after the last couple of years of weak leadership and inability to make difficult decisions at a local level


Well all it proves is that there are enough wealthy people on the Isle of Wight who, to maintain self interest, would vote for a pig’s bladder on a stick. Hugely disappointing for young people getting involved in politics for the first time, thinking their vote would make a difference.

hazel wyld
Hermit, strangely enough I have a handicapped daughter, am living on a very low income due to my husband being in a nursing home, and certainly have always cared about those worse off than myself, I was one of those 28 thousand odd who thought Andrew was the best man on offer and who was disgusted by the vitriol thrown at him so…he was a tower of… Read more »
Andrew Turner has not supported people on the Island with special needs and I speak for many adults I work with who have learning disabilites. He has voted strongly in favour of cuts to support services, for reductions in disability benefits, and for reductions in other disability related benefit and support. If he has helped you, you are indeed a very lucky person, as you must be… Read more »
I’m so one of the 28 thousand and Andrew Turner has made a difference to my damlies life – standing in parliament to state the case for retaining children’s cardiac services in Southampton. For every negative story about the guy, I’m sure there is a positive. Isn’t it time now to put your armchair politics aside and funnel your energy into making a difference for The Island?… Read more »

I’m sure my iPhone is dyslexic sorry

Unfortunately his actions appear to be those of a good local ward councillor, nothing like those of a good MP. Where is the inward investment he should be fighting for on the IW? Why is the IW still suffering chronically lower incomes vs our neighbours? Why do we have some of the worst schools in the UK? Why is our NHS trust propping up the bottom of… Read more »

Congratulations to andrew turner. I hope he keeps the islands best interests fore front in his mind. Nationally its the right vote.
Now we just need an isle of wight council who can make the most out of what comes out of this election

I believe the Conservative win reflects concern and lack of confidence in the other parties to govern the UK. Certainly my own Conservative vote was exactly that and does NOT reflect my confidence in Andrew Turner who I truly hope will soon resign in favour of a stronger candidate who displays leadership skills and integrity and can act in the best interest of this island – none… Read more »
Elizabeth Ayres.

Still over forty thousand people who did not vote for Mr. Turner, that has to tell his something!


@ Elizabeth Given the turnout was about 65% , did you mean that 40,000 Islanders did not vote at all thus rejecting *all* the PPCs rather than just AT?

That has to tell us something about trust in politics generally


The 40,000 or so did-not-vote-ers have little to do with the choice of politicians and everything to do with apathy and disrespect for society in general.


I think Elizabeth Ayres’ comment has nothing to do with turnout or with did-not-voters. A simple tally of the votes cast will show that 41,709 Islanders voted for someone other than AT.


The total number of votes cast add up to 70,300. If this represents a turnout of 64.6% then the total electorate is about 108,823, so the number who did not vote is about 38,523.


…plus the number who ignored postal votes?

hazel wyld
i think all the parents of those disabled adults who fought to keep westminster house open would join me in saying I was niot the only person helped…Must add that both AT and Geoff Lumley fought alongside us all, along with the council liberal candidate Jonathon Baker…..think SNP did for Labour with their assurances they would stand alongside them and although always disappointing wnen your candidate loses… Read more »
Mark Francis

“I could not dig: I dared not rob:
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?”

Mason Watch
Don’t get too downhearted……. We’ll be doing this all over again in about 12 months. AT can claim his pension now he has been re-elected and will be retiring to set up a by-election. That’s when the 40,000 who didn’t vote should be involved. I would love to see the look on Wells/Pugh /Giles collective face. It’s mainly due to them that AT has been successful.
Patrick mckay.

Democracy,don’t you just love it !, especially if you don’t get the result you hope for!!
As for Mr Ian Stephans,well the “Ego” has landed ,with a crash!! Still,probley just another coup with the electorate saying they couldn’t work with someone they didn’t trust.

Mark Francis

So where do ex LibDem voters go to?
Ukip? What were they thinking?

billy builder

Some Ian Stephens and some to the Tories, with the right-wing Tory vote going to UKIP

billy builder
As for where LibDem votes go now, then that’s back home to lick their wounds, and get ready for the rematch when AT goes. The LibDems remain the only party of the centre, and unless another party moves into that space then the LibDems will rise again from the ashes. Perhaps after a year or two of unrestrained Tory excesses, and lack-luster performance from the Independents on… Read more »
Now watch how the infighting in the LibDem, Labour and UKIP parties develop now their leaders are resigned. Will the LibDems “ex-Huhne” Huhne or will Simon Hughes hide the digging equipment? Will UKIP become “Reckless”? Will New Labour fall to the Cooper/Balls duo (the UK version of the Clintons)? Will UKIP become “Reckless”? Will the Greens invest in glyphosate? Interesting times head! Cameron will be pleased as… Read more »
Lord Bermondsey

Well done UKIP. sensational percentage of the vote in an area dominated by the tory Blue rinse brigade, old codgers, etc. If the tories entered a piece of dog poo and stuck a blue rosette on it, the old tory sheep would have still voted for them.

Onwards and upwards to 2020 election, where the purple people’s army will deliver dozens of UKIP MP’s.

Mark Francis

Whilst I don’t like Ukip the following statistics stand out
– SNP roughly 5%; get 56 seats.
– Ukip roughly 13% ;get 1.

So each SNP voter is 145 times more represented than a Ukip voter.


Absolutely. And to a lesser extent the Green vote suffers similarly.


I’m posting the shirt off my back to Nicola Sturgeon before she demands it. She can add it to the Barnett Formula coffers which now clearly won’t be enough.

billy builder

I vote that we (England, Wales & Northern Island) have a referendum to decide if we want Scotland to remain in the UK.

Me and a few mates could probably make a start repairing Hadrians Wall !

Mark Francis
Regular readers will recall I have been saying this over several years. The Scots don’t want independence (although by threatening it they took the Portsmouth dock workers jobs) & if they had it they would have been stuffed as the oil price went south (quite apart from the Scottish bank bailouts). Now they don’t want austerity & want all the progressive policies we would all like –… Read more »

Have a care what you wish for, BB. If Scotland secedes, then England is doomed to Tory government forever.




Mark Francis

Sinn Feinn 0.6% = 4 M.P.s

I have absolutely no doubt that this result will damage the Islands reputation and probably hinder any action AT might want to take on issues. Even his own association have turned away from him, which probably gained him an extra few thousand votes, and his well publicised ‘issues’ will continue to haunt him in everything he says and does! Meanwhile down at the coal face we with… Read more »

Don’t despair davimel. Nature will take its course and by the next time there will be fewer Thatcherites around. But be pragmatic on the island and work to ensure next time Labour and Green work together rather than fight for the seat.


@ Darcy I am educating my next generation so appreciate all the good that Thatcher did for this country


@garage etc Well that won’t take long! :-))

Lord Bermondsey

UKIP only party now that looks out for the poor vulnerable working class. Ignore the media and blinkered rhetoric that they’re a racist party, even droves of traditional northern labour voters went UKIP, as they can see labour have sold out the working class.

@Lord Bermondsey abosultely right the Labour party have demonsrated that they are the party of the minority Metropolitan Elite and have nothing in common with the needy they pay lip service to it in order to get into power to sap their inflated salaries and look after their rich banker/media/corporate donor friends – well the writing is on the wall – UKIP are the party of choice… Read more »
Don Smith

MP Andrew Turner has been re-elected as Member of Parliament for the Isle of Wight.

Rejoice, that is democracy!

Jon Thorne

Waking up to find I still have an MP that voted in favour of the death penalty, the bedroom tax, is too ill following a stroke to string an answer to a question together, opposes gay marriage and abortion and stole £103,00 to do up his house from the public purse.

What the hell is wrong with people. I just about give up.

Lord Bermondsey
Who were you hoping for? It was always going to be a tory win here. I can’t believe so many on here actually thought Turner might get beaten. There was no real opposition for the vast majority. UKIP have done exceptional in the circumstances here, but they were never going to win. Labour? Not a chance. I’m surprised nationally they get above 200 seats. LibDems? Finished as… Read more »

“senile old duffer”?

“takes one to know one”?

(Though the Eye did say “pisspoor”)

Mark Francis

I does not take a senile old duffer to know another one. There are standard diagnostic tests. (Mostly by asking who the prime Minister is)
Like this;


… to which the correct answer is “WTFC- they are all the same!”

I would say to all those rejoicing at the Conservative victory, I hope you are not in need of national services. The Tory double speak and fear-raising rhetoric of this campaign may come back to haunt you. I watched Cameron giving his final speech on Wednesday and the double speak was in full flow. “I want to see all youngsters have training for the jobs we will… Read more »

For nest read next


Hold the Front Page – New Headline- “Politicians lie! Surprise! Surprise!”

(Are the bookies giving odds on how soon firm election promises become “aspirations for a later Parliament”?)


It seems that the cons have got in on the wave of support for ukip. The only good thing about the result is the kippers did not get first place. Hopefully those that voted cons will remember their principles when 80 million pounds of cuts kick and we privatise the Nhs


Well what a lot of bad losers we have here ! You blame it all on ‘the rich’ and the elderly.
Quote ‘never mind nature will take it’s course’ but perhaps by that time you will be old and have a different perspective on life. Maybe you will be an old codger or have a blue rinse.

@ Bones. Actually, I am old and probably an old codger! Don’t have a blue rinse sadly. I may well not be around in five years but I wanted readers to know that not everyone of my age signed up to the ‘me’ culture of Thatcher. Many of us actually have a social conscience and didn’t agree with Thatcher that ‘there’s no such thing as society’. My… Read more »
Well it was you who accused the mobility scooter drivers and the care home residents of voting for the status quo. Do you consider yourself exceptional ? I am what is now I supposed deemedd old ….not a codger or blue rinse, not using a mobility scooter or in a home…yet. But I know many who are and are still bight eyed and bushy tailed and quite… Read more »

here we go the rich and the elderly – what a load of tosh

Mark Francis

Personally I blame the stupid.
For just about everything.


It’s not my fault I’m Stupid. And I didn’t even bother vote so it can’t be my fault. So there.

Mark Francis

You did not bother to vote, eh? Then it IS your fault


Miliband gone- good! As long as a Blaire does not replace him.

Clegg gone – good! The “Benedict Arnold” of UK politics.

Farage gone- pity! Although I think most UKIP policies are [email protected], his personality was a refreshing change to the boring po-faced clones of the other parties’ leaders.


Another 5 years of High Ferry price’s … Shop’s closing down … A tourist industry that will soon be unrecoverable… & our kids seeing their future away from the Island.
If we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always got.

retired Hack

You can have any colour as long as it’s blue. (Henry Ford again).




Some more sad news (for those who didn’t get the result they wanted). Darryl Pitcher didn’t get elected in Suffolk Coastal so will be returning to Wootton in order to continue doing nothing as local Councillor.

hazel wyld

reading the papers anyone got a clue why Ed milliband wearing heavy panstick makeup on his way to the polls? just wondering?
And not being sarcastic just genuinely perplexed.


I imagine Ed Miliband has a slightly darker complexion because of his genetic make up. How is that relevant ?

published from the independent and blogged on The Tories’ plans for eliminating the deficit by 2018 will mean swingeing cuts to Government spending across many areas. Health will be protected if the Tories keep their promises but local council spending, transport and defence spending will be decimated. One of the most controversial parts of the Conservative manifesto was to cut benefits for the working age poor by… Read more »
Don Smith

The people have spoken and the Jocks have blown wind into their pipes.

The Labour Party is done, finished, dead, and only the working class are to blame.
Both in the UK and in the far North.

Perhaps proportional representation could be a life saver; if ever allowed, which I doubt. Why should the Tories throw us a life line.

hazel wyld

well having stayed up till 5.30am I am off to bed, the party that got the most votes in their constituency won the seat….those who didn`t vote for the winning candidate wil be cheesed off..that is life….no amount of chewing the fat changes…goodnight one and all.

Don Smith

The election is over and has been won. Well done AT.

Let’s move on.

One thing is certain that at the next LOCAL election, many of our present Independent councillors will change back to their original colours. BLUE

Otherwise, how can we elect a new Council:-)
I feel, like many. that the present Independents are unelectable.

Justin Hall
Well, I think that this result speaks volume. To have gotten re-elected with just over 4,000 less votes but a majority that increased by around 3,000 is something that people will just have to learn from. The big message I think is that the Island and it’s people don’t like the kind of dirty campaign that many people chose to try and use against Andrew Turner. Democracy… Read more »
Mark Francis

From what I understand all the dirty campaigning was by the IW Conservatives AGAINST Turner.

hazel wyld

Dear Bones, not relevant at all but as three newspapers commented on the fact he was wearing heavy pan stick makeup wondered why at 7.30 in the morning..I expect on reflection just put it on in case he was in front of the camera`s…just curious and trying to lighten the mood sorry!!!


Perhaps he just had a bad night ! They are all heavily made up to try to make them look appealing.
Lightening the mood on this thread is not easy….just as well we don’t all meet face to face !


Oh i don`t know, hopefully we would all end up laughing at ourselves over a pint or G and T!
My Nan who had a whole host of sayings for all occasions used to say “What can`t be cured must be endured! or more apt maybe “It will all be the same in a hundred years time!!!”

Mark Francis

So – live in a council house, get a job & get evicted.
The “Good Life” eh?
Turner will be voting for that.


Message to the 40,000 island voters who did not vote:

Please, do not EVER complain about our MP.

Don Smith

Best about having a Tory MP, we get two for the price of one. Who’s a clever boy?


As it is now a Tory government the boundary changes will be able to through, so we really will have 2 MPs from 2020 …

Don Smith
Tory Election Rejects to be Knighted or Ennobled. Better to have lost mi thinks! A nice daily allowance of £300, just for signing in. There are already 840 peers an increase from 708 a decade ago – but there is only space on the House of Lords benches for about 400 of them; it’s a case of visit, sign and collect. These rejects and the privileged must… Read more »

No Don- not democracy when more than 55% of the nation’s decision-makers are unelected, it’s oligarchy masquerading as democracy.


Now the Liberals are out of the way Cameron might decide to carry out the boundary changes of the electoral constituencies. There could be 2 MPs standing for the Isle of Wight next time and the Scottish Nationalists will lose 7 seats.