Another East Cowes business closes ‘due to the floating bridge’

Another previously-profitable business in East Cowes is citing the unreliability of the Cowes Floating Bridge over the last year as the reason for having to close his doors on Saturday.

gary hook hungry pit stop

Following the closure of Valu4U last month another business in East Cowes is citing the unreliability of the Cowes floating bridge as the cause for his business having to close.

The Hungry Pit Stop is closing tomorrow, Saturday, 12 May, 2018.

Owner: Lost “almost all of my Cowes customers”
Gary Hook, owner of the Hungry Pit Stop, said,

“The floating bridge is cutting East Cowes off from our business customers. I was doing well and made a good profit the first year, and then I lost almost all of my Cowes customers this last year. I know because I know my customers by name.”

Inconsistency in frequency
The floating bridge’s inconsistency in frequency and reliable operation among other issues was cited as the cause of why business customers aren’t bothering with the bridge.

Additional damage was caused when the floating bridge was out of service for months; several businesses have said they lost client contracts for regular purchases.

Friday, 11th May, 2018 2:33pm



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Email updates?
This was totally avoidable if only the County Council would have listened from the beginning. The Floating Bridge has had an awesome impact on businesses of East Cowes and Cowes. It will not improve until the fiasco is resolved. The local community are still not using it as no confidence. We (my husband and I )of Valu -4-U tried our upmost to” hang on in there “,… Read more »

Poor Gary lost a lot of sandwich delivery contracts with some of the Cowes businesses when the floating bridge went out of service all of those months. And with fewer people coming over the East Cowes in general to see friends and family or go to Waitrose, he’s lost even more business. This is such a shame.