At least one stalking or harassment case recorded every day on Isle of Wight, figures show


The Office for National Statistics has released for the first time, police-recorded crime data at a local level on stalking and harassment. OnTheWight has the figures for the Isle of Wight.

Thursday, 10th May, 2018 7:10pm

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Isle of Wight alcohol-related hospital admissions on the rise, data reveals

Wine glasses

The differences between age groups and genders on the number of patients who attended hospital on the Isle of Wight with an alcohol related diagnosis in 2016-17 makes for interesting reading.

Wednesday, 18th April, 2018 6:31pm

By Ralph Blackburn

Isle of Wight teenage pregnancy rates drop by more than a third

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The Isle of Wight has historically had some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies, but latest figures reveal the trend has clearly moved in a different direction.

Tuesday, 17th April, 2018 8:01am

By Ralph Blackburn

Sharp rise in Isle of Wight obesity-related hospital admissions


Latest figures show a sharp increase in the number of patients on the Isle of Wight being admitted for knee and hip replacements due to their weight, as well as other obesity-related conditions. OnTheWight has the details.

Monday, 9th April, 2018 6:47pm

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Nearly half of Isle of Wight kids didn’t visit a dentist last year

Teeth x-ray by lexrex

Government figures show that over 11,000 children on the Isle of Wight didn't visit a dentist last year - That's nearly half - and the numbers going are dropping. The figures for adults are low too.

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018 8:54pm

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Isle of Wight electric car (EV) sales increase one of country’s highest

electric car charger

Starting off at the low point of seven in 2012, Isle of Wight electric vehicle (EV) sales have increased, with the last year seeing one of the highest increases in the country. OnTheWight has the numbers and the surprisingly high number of other vehicles registered here.

Monday, 19th February, 2018 4:13pm

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Isle of Wight homes chuck out more than half a tonne of rubbish each year which is not recycled

Piano keys

Each household on the Isle of Wight chucks out rubbish that wasn't recycled with the equivalent weight of a Grand Piano each year. There's some good news with improvements though.

Thursday, 14th December, 2017 6:01pm

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Few disadvantaged Isle of Wight children go to university, figures show

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Latest data on the social mobility index reveals that out of the pupils from deprived backgrounds on the Isle of Wight who finished school at 18, just 26% achieved two or more A-levels, or equivalent qualifications.

Wednesday, 6th December, 2017 2:03pm

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