Badgers halt Isle of Wight council’s housing development

It was hoped they would be built by Christmas, but the work has has now been delayed due to the badgers.

Badger :

The brakes have been put on a housing development in Newport after badgers were found living at the site.

The Isle of Wight Council hopes to build six homes at Medina Avenue — on the site of the former driving test centre — but demolition work has come to a halt while the authority decides on a way forward.

Planning permission was granted in March for six three-bedroom houses — five of which would be privately rented and one affordable home.

driving hub

Work delayed
It was hoped they would be built by Christmas, but the work has has now been delayed due to the badgers.

A council spokesperson said:

“We are aware of badger activity in the area and we are currently working with ecology professionals to establish what effect, if any, that will have on the plans for the site.

“No start will be made on the demolition and building works until this is resolved.”

Under the Protection of Badgers Act, it is an offence to disturb badgers or their sets.

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Good news! Don’t badger the badgers.

Jenny Smart

Who would ever have thought a badger would be more effective than our MP

Mark L Francis



About bl**dy time some how the council was stopped…but hey the will soon be giving the badgers back hander lol

Angela Hewitt
Unfortunately so called ecology experts work for the developer not the world of wildlife.They will be giving advice on how to rehouse the badger so that the development can go ahead. Hopefully for the council they will have bovine TB. Likewise Natural England (Tony Juniper is the chair and previously worked for Friends of the Earth- but not anymore) who dish out the licenses to remove the… Read more »

I am reliably informed that the IOW Baeger population is TB free…


Oops, I meant Badger :(