Bah Humbug: Parking Charges Continue Through Holidays

Parking charges over the festive period? Bah Humbug!

Bah Humbug: Parking Charges Continue Through HolidaysGiven that the Isle of Wight Council have pocketed a cool £4 million this year in parking charges, it’s of little surprise to hear there will be no festive cheer as far as charging for parking during the festive bank holidays are concerned.

They have sent out a reminder that ‘parking charges both on street and in council-run car parks will be in force over the Christmas and new year period as normal’.

That includes Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Isle of Wight Council Head of Highways and Transport Peter Hayward said “We’re reminding motorists of the charges because we don’t want to be handing out parking fines to people who park without paying – albeit with the best intentions because they assume it will be free.

“It’s far better we remind people now than not say anything at all”

We disagree Peter, it would be far better to just let the Islanders maybe have three days off from having to pay what many consider extortionate parking fees.

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Friday, 18th December, 2009 3:44pm



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Helen Cunningham

and hisssssss!


do they know its christmas time at all, la la la , isnt that a song ?

I shouldn’t worry too much, the car park inspectors are having a bit of trouble getting about on the buses as their essential car allowance has been stolen by the council, who will be paying out a hell of a lot more than car allowances as soon as they get the bill for all the bus fares. There are reduced bus services over the holidays so the… Read more »
Sailor Sam

Well someones got to use the buses on christmas day to justify running them where nothing else is. Mind you, I would of thought it would be cheaper to allow car useage than pay the extortinate fares to travel on the buses!


I believe several hundred peop[le took advantage of the Christmas day bus servoces last year.Justification enough.

Sailor Sam

Yes they did! But most were concessionary card holders so the council picked up the tab. Do you really think there is a need for buses until 11pm on christmas day? After all, there arn’t many pubs open, ferries running, shops open… ect ect.


It lets those who have had a tincture or two get home from the rellies without driving.


No 3 running into and out of Ventnor on Christmas day and I think is one of only three bus routes running that day. Thus if they do pay a parking inspector to work on Christmas Day, Ventnor car parks are at risks of being checked!!!


Is the IW Council really planning to pay parking inspectors triple time to go round snooping on car parks on Christmas Day ?


But they only have to pay extra if it is in their contracts. I guess they would only be getting time of in lieu.

very fat bloke

If they don’t get it from drivers they’ll put it on the council tax.

mind you, New Forest council are not putting council tax up at all next year. How about that then Mr Pugh?

Daft Old Duffer
1)A bus service on Christmas Day is the bus company,rightly or wrongly, identifying a need and trying to fill it.Which is what a bus company is supposed to do 2) The fact that the service is well used proves they are right to try -concessionary fares or otherwise. 3) the assertion that most of the users were and will be concession holders is the sort of unproven… Read more »
Sailor Sam

Me? Nahh… its just strange that most other bus company’s in the UK give their staff christmas day off. I’m sure if there was the ‘need’ which you suggest, then the trains would be running also.

hairy hat man

We get a great service from Southern Vectis. I can’t believe anyone complains about it.
You should try living in Suffolk. One bus a day – in either direction. Crazy!

Sailor Sam

We certainly pay for it as well!

Sailor Sam
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I took my lil boy along the seafront at around 12.30pm to drive his new RC car which santa bought him. I didn’t see any parking attendants about at all and there wern’t that many cars parked anyway so i’m wondering whether it was prudent of the council to provide parking attendants on chrimbo day or allow free parking. From a economics point of… Read more »