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IW council issues press release about ten parking places in Newport

Parking ticket machine:

The Isle of Wight council has gone to the trouble of writing and issuing a press release about ten parking spots in Newport.

Tuesday, 4th June, 2019 3:13pm

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£1 overnight parking charge locations on Isle of Wight (updated)

new pound coin

The definitive list of every location the Isle of Wight council are planning to charge you £1 to park in the evening. Each street, road and car park, to help you avoid unwanted parking tickets.

Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019 6:54pm

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Row erupts over parking arrangements for funeral of popular resident

broadway car park - colin midmore

Space in the Broadway Centre car park - for the entourage of scooters expected at the funeral of Malcolm Butcher next week - has been refused by the town council, but a possible solution to diffuse the situation has been found by Cllr Ward.

Thursday, 21st February, 2019 10:59am

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Why does this councillor consistently park on double yellow lines, but apparently never gets a ticket?

Many photos of Jon Gilbey parking on Yellow lines - x

The Isle of Wight councillor who introduced the removal of many free car parks and increased parking charges has himself been freely parking on double yellow lines. We've got the photos. I asked him at a public meeting - he didn't deny it.

Wednesday, 1st April, 2015 4:58pm

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Guess how much it’s going to cost the council to start charging at previously free car parks?


OnTheWight asked for details of how much it would cost the council to introduce parking charges in areas where it was previously free. That's revealed some costs are unknown to IWC.

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014 7:27pm

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The 138 responses on parking from the public the council decided weren’t ‘valid objections’

Pile of papers by nojhan

Below is the list of responses Islanders sent to the council about the proposed parking increases that Officers decided weren't ‘valid objections’.

Monday, 30th June, 2014 9:06am

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Parking changes: Level of public objection finally revealed

Parking meter

Papers for next week's Executive meeting of the Isle of Wight council reveal the size of public objection to the proposed changes to parking charges.

Friday, 27th June, 2014 2:56pm

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What’s happened to Richard Priest’s pre-election promise on parking?

Richard Priest pre-election parking promise

Before the election Richard Priest promised to "Promote high streets not penalise motorists". Now, a year on, he and Jon Gibley are overseeing the opposite.

Tuesday, 20th May, 2014 7:15pm

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Conservative councillors say parking charges rethink needed

The Thinker:

The Conservative group of councillors join the opposition to proposed changes to parking charges.

Wednesday, 14th May, 2014 8:41am

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Online petitions set up by residents oppose changes in parking charges (updated)

Double yellow lines :

We bring you a round-up of all the online petitions set up by Isle of Wight residents opposing the proposed changes to parking charges.

Tuesday, 13th May, 2014 9:10am

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Residents and businesses unhappy over proposed changes to parking charges

Parking sign :

Residents have until 6th June to have their say on the proposed changes to parking charges first reported by OnTheWight back in January.

Monday, 12th May, 2014 8:23pm

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Should the council be able to charge for parking at Appley Park?

Appley Park car park

An online petition is seeking support from Islanders to lobby the council to abandon their plans to charge for parking at Appley Park.

Wednesday, 26th March, 2014 2:40pm

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