Belgrave Road landslip: Island Roads monitoring around the clock

The public are reminded to respect the road closures in place and not put themselves at risk by entering the area. The council say it’s neither safe nor practical for them to take any steps to intervene at this stage

Belgrave Road on Tuesday morning

The Isle of Wight council and Island Roads have issued this update today (Tuesday) on the situation at Belgrave Road, Ventnor. Ed

Safety continues to be our foremost priority and, in response to both the ongoing movement of the wall on Belgrave Road, Ventnor and because people have entered the site over the weekend, we reinforced the road closure by erecting steel fencing.

This measure will also offer properties below the site, backing on to Esplanade Road, some additional protection from falling debris. We also closed off all pedestrian access along the footpath on Belgrave Road on Sunday night for safety reasons.

belgrave road on monday afternoon

Plans for evacuation
Over the weekend we made arrangements for the evacuation of an occupied property that could be affected by falling debris, should there be a further and substantial collapse of the wall.

This was a precautionary but necessary measure to ensure public safety. We will continue to liaise with residents as the situation progresses.

It is neither safe nor practical for us to take any steps to intervene at this stage. We need to wait for the movement to stabilise before we can undertake more detailed investigations on site and determine possible solutions.

On site around the clock
Island Roads staff remain on site around the clock to monitor developments and, together with the Isle of Wight Council, we will take whatever measures are necessary in the interests of public safety while the wall remains in danger of further collapse.

belgrave road - night shot

We would ask members of the public to respect the road closures in place and to not put themselves at risk by entering the area.

Get in touch
We are continuing to keep residents and local business owners informed of any developments and if anyone has any concerns they can contact Island Roads on 01983 822440 or by email to [email protected] 

Tuesday, 21st January, 2020 11:50am



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Rhos yr Alarch

So what evidence is there that the area will “stabilise” of its own accord, and that risk will not escalate on the next occasion there is substantial rain…?


Probably the years of experience of the expert engineers they have consulted, rather than evidence. Unless, of course, you have that experience and are offering an expert opinion.

Rhos yr Alarch

Thankyou for your re-assurance….


As long as they are not the ones who designed the abortive attempt at “stabilising” Undercliff Drive?
Remember, that was not a “Natural event” but a genuine man-made disaster.




Once the angle of repose has been reached the area will stabilize, problem is Sixty degrees is in fact a fair way from level