Bob Seely gives views on Theresa May: ‘I do not want a leadership challenge’

Following Theresa May’s tough week, OnTheWight asked Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely whether he still supported her. Bob’s view on Donald Trump got an airing in Parliament too.

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Following Theresa May’s Conservative conference speech last week there have been calls for her resignation.

The Prime Minister’s speech was widely acknowledged as highly troublesome, being hampered by prankster Lee Nelson handing her a P45 mid-speech (supposedly on behalf of foreign secretary, Boris Johnson), falling letters from the backdrop and persistent coughing attacks.

Seely: “I do not want a leadership challenge”
OnTheWight got in touch with Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely to see whether he supported the PM remaining in power, or was one of those calling for her to stand down.

Bob told OnTheWight,

“I support the current leadership. I do not want a leadership challenge.

“I am 100 percent focused on delivering for the Island. Anything that detracts from that detracts from my agenda.”

A fan of Trump?
Meanwhile, in Parliament yesterday (Wednesday), during a debate on the European Union (Approvals) Bill, the Isle of Wight MP made his feelings known about President of the United States, Donald Trump.

In response to Shadow Minister Bill Esterson, Bob said,

“I am not sure that I like Donald Trump any more than anyone else does.”

Read the transcript in full via the excellent They Work for You.

Image: © Parliament TV

Wednesday, 11th October, 2017 6:51pm



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Email updates?
I’m sure Bob doesn’t want a leadership challenge. Not least because every other alternative Tory leader, from the serial liar and borderline criminal Boris Johnson, through to David Davis, who charged the taxpayer thousands of pounds for mowing his grass, is even worse than the dreadful and chaotic May. And do I need to reference Jacob Rees-Mogg, the 19th Century’s emissary to the UK? To be fair,… Read more »

***“I am not sure that I like Donald Trump any more than anyone else does.”***

Umm, yeah, right……


@ suruk

quote ” the Labour Election manifesto *was* fully costed ”

Are you sure? Was it Dianne Abbott that did the figures, then?


No idea.

But I bet she could work out how to use the “Reply” link in a forum, eh? 🤔😜


Couldn’t imagine that either.

Dear Mr Critchley, although I do agree that the ‘austerity programme’ has caused real damage to social and community services, I am compelled to take issue with you as to who created the situation of financial malfeasance that left little or no alternative to the cuts in funding that had to be made by Central Government, ( it was that or go bust, literally, as a country,… Read more »
At this point in time, it is irrelevant who created the problem. The fact is the Tories have had over 7 years to fix the problem. They have not only failed in that aim, but have also caused great hardship for the most vulnerable in society (not to mention anyone else who doesn’t sit on a gold plated toilet seat). How about *you* use *your* talents to… Read more »
Gary Austerity was a choice, not a necessity. A choice made by a Tory government. No other country chose to react to the 2008 crash as we did after 2010. Which is why we have seen real wages fall by more than any of our competitor economies. Only three countries in the OECD have seen real wages fall since 2008 – the UK, Portugal and Greece. Other… Read more »