Bob Seely

Bob Seely was elected as Isle of Wight councillor for Central Wight in the 2013 and 2017 local elections.

Back in 2005, he stood as the Conservative candidate in Broxtowe, Nottingham, coming very close to winning the race with 37.2% of the votes (18,161) – just 2,296 behind the Labour candidate.

He’s been a spin doctor for the Tories and a member of the PR team at music channel MTV, not to mention serving in Iraq in the Territorial Army. Bob’s currently doing a PhD at King’s College, London, where his area of study is non-conventional warfare.

As he first disclosed on OnTheWight, Bob had an ambition to become a candidate for the Isle of Wight MP, when Andrew Turner was no longer in the role.

When in April 2017 Andrew Turner stepped down after his views on homosexuality became widely-reported and criticised, Bob became one of three candidates for selection. After a messy round of people dropping out and others popping up, Bob was finally selected as the Conservative candidate for the Isle of Wight MP.

He secured the seat in the 2017 General Election with 51.3% of the vote, 38,190 votes.

Readers can keep an eye on exactly how Bob Seely votes by visiting the UK Parliament Website.

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MP calls for lower housing targets on the Isle of Wight

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Bob Seely’s 3rd April Brexit votes and speech

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Find out how Isle of Wight MP voted on the eight Brexit options

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Letter: Isle of Wight’s £20+ million reason for an Isle of Wight Act?

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Cllr Lilley says the Isle of Wight will continue to have a financial and legislative gun to its head until we are recognised by Parliament and the Government as an Island.

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Bob Seely standing firm behind Theresa May on Brexit – To a mixed reception

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The Isle of Wight MP makes it clear he continues to be supportive of Theresa May’s approach to Brexit, following her addressed to the country from 10 Downing Street this week.

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IW MP launches petition against Government’s housing target

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The Isle of Wight MP believes the draft Island Plan "has some good proposals in it", but has "several concerns, not least that this housing would be unaffordable for Islanders". He wants your views and has set up a petition.

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Isle of Wight MP asks Transport Minister to be ‘generous’ with Island Line, and investigate ‘ferry duopoly’

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Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely raised several points during a parliamentary debate yesterday about the transport infrastructure on the Island. Details and video within.

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Island Labour demands end to NHS ‘Privatisation by Stealth’

Save our NHS by 38 Degrees - cropped

The Isle of Wight Labour Party Chair says "Islanders need to listen to the campaigners of ‘IoW Save Our NHS’, and make their voices heard, before their NHS is stripped away".

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