Cabinet Vote To Close 27 Loos

Cabinet vote to close 27 toilets on the Isle of Wight

During tonight’s Cabinet meeting, the six members present (Cllr Hunter-Henderson was absent) voted unanimously to accept proposals to close 27 public toilets on the Isle of Wight.

Toilet40 public conveniences will remain open, with Compton Bay and Ventnor’s Marlborough Road included in those that are being saved from original proposals.

Cllr George Brown told the meeting that the Ventnor Botanic Garden toilet will be ‘part and parcel’ of whoever takes over the Garden when the Isle of Wight council ceases funding at the end of July 2011.

For our live coverage of the meeting as it took place, see the report from the meeting.

Image: Jemsweb under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 1st March, 2011 8:18pm



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Dave O

If I had my way, I would close the whole lot. They are all stinking and full of contamination and perverts.

montana sliver

Do you mean the loos or the Cabinet Dave?

Dave O

the cabinet of course!


What a bunch of hypocritical idiots we have running the IOW Council. They can find millions for consultants and tarting their offices up at County Hall although are unable to find a hundred thousand pounds or so to keep the toilets open. Steve Benyon’s salary alone would be enough to keep the toilets open.


I urge all residents and tourists to the Isle of Wight, if you get caught short or your child is nagging you for the loo and the one in that area is now closed, just look up the address of the councillor for that area, knock on their door and ask to use their loo.


It’s rather tempting to mount a dirty protest.

Considering the reliance on tourism this is bad news. Does anyone remember the old money slots found on loo doors way back when? Maybe this would be a good idea? Does anyone know what will happen to the buildings of the closed loos? Will they just be left to rot? Same question regarding the libraries and TICs, surely leaving them as an empty building will cost more… Read more »
montana sliver

I would imagine Pugh and his tin-pot Taliban will want the buildings sold off ASAP to ensure that they can never be reinstated.

montana sliver
As for charging to use the loos it sounds a great idea in theory but unfortunately in practice it would just be abused as yet another way of bleeding money out of us. How long would it be before the charges started edging up and up? What we need is this dictatorship ousted and sanity returned to the island. Pugh and the tin-pot Taliban need to leave… Read more »

Now that Pugh has giving his whole hearted backing to closing the island’s public toilets, perhaps he should put a sign outside his house saying “Toilet available here. Coach parties welcome”.

For Sale – Market Street, Ventnor: fine conversion project for bijou second home, or suitable for refugee. Resident’s parking nearby, only £500 a year; centrally located for all charity shops, toilets already installed. Why buy a beach hut at Sandbanks for £75000 (plus transfer fee of £21000 and ground rent of £2000 per annum) when you could have your very own convenience for only a little more.… Read more »

Now the Tory Council have sold off most of their assets and are now scraping the barrel, I wonder how long it will be before they start selling the beaches, parks and beauty spots of the island to the greedy big businessmen and bankers that have ruined this country. Pugh and this lot would sell their own Grandmother if they could.


Just a small correction LL: “our assets”, not “their assets”.


Nazi swines!Herr Pugh and his lap dogs!