‘Son of God’ gibe leads to Cllr Whittle labelled ‘vacuous child’ as residents clash with councillors at Ryde Regeneration meeting

There was standing room only at last night’s Ryde Society meeting as residents clashed with Isle of Wight councillors over regeneration plans. Read the report from the meeting.

royal-esplanade-hotel-ryde with whittle and icke

Peter shares this report from last night’s meeting of the Ryde Society. Ed

Residents clashed with the Isle of Wight Council officers and councillors at a packed public meeting on Monday night over plans for regeneration of Ryde seafront.

The meeting, held by the Ryde Society – whose Chair, Stella Davis, said the seafront is an internationally important site of special scientific interest – was addressed by Chris Ashman, the council’s Director of Regeneration and its Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Resources, Cllr Stuart Hutchinson.

Helen Keogan's expression  says it all

No consultation over Harbour sale
Residents’ anger centred on accusations that the Council has been investigating ‘selling off’ Ryde Harbour without consulting the community.

The meeting at the Esplanade Hotel – attended by up to 200 people – turned acrimonious when celebrity writer, resident David Icke, claimed regeneration was “about making money for a very few people” and said the Isle of Wight Council should be the subject of an independent investigation and financial audit.

Whittle “a vacuous child”
During heated exchanges, Cllr Wayne Whittle gibed that Mr Icke should consult his ‘father’ as it had been alleged that he had claimed to be the son of God (a reference to Mr Icke’s appearance on the Terry Wogan show back in 1991).

After the meeting Mr Icke said:

“Cllr Wayne Whittle reveals himself – not for the first time – as being a vacuous child and why anyone votes for him will forever remain a mystery to me.”

Lack of response from IWC
Residents called for the town’s seascape, with its Georgian and Victorian buildings, to be preserved.

Among protests about lack of information regarding plans for the harbour was a complaint by one of the Ryde Society’s leading figures, Jonathan Dent, that his emailed questions to Cllr Hutchinson had consistently failed to get a reply.

chris ashman

A harbour official told the meeting he had only heard through the Freemasons about mooted proposals to sell it off to a dredging company.

Harbour makes a profit
Ryde Harbour makes a profit, residents pointed out. However, Cllr Hutchinson said money was required for dredging, wall repairs and other maintenance.

Highlighting pressure on the council’s budget, he said over the last eight years it has had to save £76 million, and further big savings were needed, due to the Government cutting funding.

List as a community asset
Cllr Michael Lilley said there had been inadequate consultation, the harbour should be listed as a community asset and no further action should be taken until there had been talks with Ryde Town Council – which has offered to buy the harbour for £1.

Find out more about The Ryde Society by visiting their Website.

* The next meeting to discuss Ryde Town Council’s bid will be at the Garfield Road Methodist Church 7pm on Monday 28th January 2019.

Tuesday, 15th January, 2019 5:06pm


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Email updates?
Name calling doesn’t help – negativity has no place in society, it produces nothing of value. However, the anger is real. The juxtaposition of this article and your article on hundreds of thousands of pounds being allocated to Newport – ‘cashboost and regeneration manager….’ goes to the heart of the problem. Ryde is the largest town on the Island and it is currently receiving nothing. It never… Read more »
Phil Jordan
To clarify, The Harbour is being listed as an asset of community interest by 21 residents. (one of the legislated ways the community can carry out such actions) The delegated decision to ‘offer the harbour for sale’ has been called in by Scrutiny and will be discussed at a meeting within the next 10 days. For RTC, we are proposing a motion that will enable a small… Read more »
Please take greater care with your headlines. I agree with Collin and Stella that name calling doesn’t help. Frankly I, for one, am not interested in David Icke’s views any more than other members of the Community. It’s the content and conclusions that are of importance and interest. My personal view is that Ryde Harbour should be recognised as a Community asset and not passed over to… Read more »

For once, I am in complete agreement with David Icke.

Part of this is created by the IWC themselves by cutting back on anything and everything and then expecting the town and parish councils to pick up the slack without a whimper. The IWC provides less and less for the council tax payers money and appears little to have little interest in Ryde. The one council for one island message when the last remaining councils were merged… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Unfortunately this is NOT about David Icke or the Freemasons.
It’s about Ryde Seafront.

Just to clarify my comments below and to agree with much of what Colin says. I’ve re-read my comments below and want to clarify any misunderstanding. Wayne Whittle has worked tirelessly for Ryde, from the Slide,flower planting, street cleansing, beach cleaning, public toilets, palm trees, town map, on-board TV on ferries, grass cutting, grounds and tree maintenance (and loads of other boring, everyday but important stuff) to… Read more »
This is a disappointing report of last night’s event and I am surprised David Icke was asked for his comment. His presence at the meeting was not especially helpful and using a mean remark about Wayne Whittle as the headline totally misses the point of the meeting The Ryde Society invited Chris Ashman from the Regeneration team to come and explain the “Rethink” of the plans put… Read more »
That’s a completely untrue description of Ryde Town Council, which functions effectively, with a remarkable degree of unity across councillors with different political backgrounds, all but two of whom (Greens) sit with no party label. I don’t know who’s been telling you lies about RTC, but you might want to have a word with them. You can also attend any meeting you like, and witness the reality… Read more »

I don’t know if you were at Monday’s meeting, you can see it on YouTube.
A packed room witnessed the reality.


Monday wasn’t a council meeting. I’m not entirely sure what relevance it has to the way the council conducts itself in actual council meetings?