Ryde residents slam Isle of Wight council’s Harbour plans (updated)

At last night’s meeting around 60 Ryde residents slated the plans to sell off the harbour and accused the Isle of Wight council of ignoring a regeneration consultation.

Seagulls at Ryde harbour

Members of Ryde Town Council voted last night in favour of a motion to explore taking on the leasehold of the Harbour, which the Isle of Wight council are planning to shed responsibility for.

As reported last week, the Conservative administration are proposing making the decision away from the public gaze (by Delegated Decision) to approve the freehold or leasehold transfer of Ryde Harbour by way of an open marketing exercise.

Residents slam the plans
At last night’s meeting, Ryde residents slated the plans to sell off the harbour and accused the Isle of Wight council of ignoring a regeneration consultation.

There was concern that plans to sell the harbour to developers could result in flats being built on or around the seafront site.

Ryde Town Council’s response to the delegated decision
In a dramatic move, the majority of Ryde Town councillors voted to explore ways of saving the harbour, including buying it from the Isle of Wight Council.

Following a proposal from Cllr Michael Lilley, ward member for Ryde East, the Town Council agreed to make the following representation to Cllr Hutchinson, in response to the contents of the delegated report, before he is due to take his decision:

“Ryde Town Council objects to the recommendations contained in the Delegated Decision Report in regard to Ryde Harbour and asks that the Cabinet Member for Resources attend a public meeting in Ryde to discuss alternative options with the Ryde community within the next two weeks, which should include the option of the Isle of Wight Council selling the Harbour to Ryde Town Council for a £1”

It is hoped that a public meeting will be called within the next two weeks and the Town Council will ensure that this meeting is well publicised.

Ryde Mayor, Cllr Malcolm Ross said,

“The Town Council hopes that the Isle of Wight Council will listen to the strongly voiced views of the Ryde community before any decisions are taken about Ryde Harbour.”

Dent: Pressing ahead with plans to sell off the harbour
Jonathan Dent, a member of the Ryde Society, said that despite claims that Isle of Wight council has no intention of selling off public spaces in the town, he believes it now appears to be pressing ahead with plans to sell off the harbour.

“I find this underhand and clearly we the residents of Ryde have been lied to and require an explanation.

“Ryde harbour is one of the last remaining public assets that has not so far been sold off for the purposes of lining the pockets of a few.”

Whittle: Cabinet member and officers should explain the position
Cllr Wayne Whittle, the Isle of Wight Council’s cabinet member for regeneration and business development, said he supported the campaign to save the harbour.

“After sitting through the long public question time session on the harbour I feel a public meeting in Ryde where the Cabinet member and officers who wrote the paper can take questions and explain the IWC position would be helpful to all concerned parties.”

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Comments from Ryde Town Council added.

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Tuesday, 4th December, 2018 1:57pm


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Geoff Brodie

By co-incidence a Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council colleague and I were there observing last night. The harbour discussion was excellent with top notch public contributions. Well done Cllr Phil Jordan for proposing taking the harbour into town council ownership. I was puzzled though that one councillor, Jim Moody, abstained in the vote, but gave no explanation. And he chairs their planning committee…..


Noted that Cllr Whittle and the other conservative Cllrs voted against their own cabinet decisions. Clearly the cons dont need their votes to carry this disposal through. Ryde is not well served by this ruling group.

As I understand from OntheWight the sell off of the harbour was instigated by Stuart Hutchison; the same Cllr that purchased commercial property for the IOWC in a £19m deal, 24% over the value of the property! How long do we have to put up with this incompetence in public office? Island Roads contract, chain link ferry, sell off of Ryde theatre/town hall-it just goes on and… Read more »

A strange smell is in the air and it not to do with male cows

From County Press July 27th 2018 This statement was by Cllr Stuart Hutchison in July! Speaking at last week’s full meeting, regarding Ryde Esplanade, Cllr Stuart Hutchison said: “No, we’re not going to build blocks of flats that spoil everyone’s view. Certainly we need to make sure it’s a vibrant and lively seafront as it’s the biggest seafront on the island. We have put proposals forward we… Read more »

IW Councillors in Ryde vote for Ryde Council to take on the financial liabilities of Ryde Harbour.

The purpose of the creation of the IWC years ago was to have one council for the Island where all Island matters would be dealt with. The tories of the IWC have been gradually disposing of the inherited responsibilities for years to the point where there seems to be little point in it’s existence. The Island would be better served by the Town councils which seem to… Read more »
Jim Moody
In fact, despite what this report says, Ryde Town Councillors showed unanimity in voting to call the Cabinet Member for Resources to attend a public meeting in Ryde to discuss alternative options with the Ryde community within the next two weeks. We share the anger of Ryde residents who are outraged that this IWC administration wants to remove yet another asset from Ryde. It was a Tory… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

There was no unanimity as Mr Moody well knows. But then the truth and this closet Marxist have always been strangers

Mark L Francis

Marxism on the Isle of Wight? Where?
Was this a Sex Pistols B-side?

Sally Perry

@ Jim – that is contrary to what the clerk explicitly told me earlier today. She said “the vote wasn’t unanimous”

Geoff Brodie

Thank you for confirming, Sally

Jim Moody
The first vote calling the Cabinet member to a Ryde meeting was unanimous as far as I was aware. The chair then called a vote on an amendment to add a specific condition (unnecessary in my view) and that was not unanimous, but was unopposed. However, in the material matter there was unanimity exactly as I have stated above. And we in Ryde are all, as far… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

The ‘specific condition’ was for the town council to take on ownership of the harbour. Some may be surprised that Mr Moody did not favour that and considered it ‘unnecessary’ without any explanation, leading to his abstention. I’m not. Still we now have his ‘truth’. That’s a relief.

Ian Young
Not so many years ago it was almost universally agreed that the two tier system of local government which we had at the time, resulted in a relatively small community like ours being somewhat over-governed. As a result, the Borough Councils of the day were abolished and a single Unitary Authority was introduced. It seems that for various reasons, some valid some not so valid, we have… Read more »

Have you seen the Ryde Harbour Users group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RydeHarbourUsers ? We want use views too


For goodness sake – “…and my Dad can beat up your Dad…” grow up and act like adults…!