Clocks Go Back

Yes, you’ve just gained an hour today.

If you just seen this and had forgotten about the clocks going back this morning – you’ve just gained another hour to your day.

Clock Go BackThe change officially marks the end of British Summer Time.

Many people find it hard to remember which way the clocks go. Here’s a simple adage to help – Spring forward. Fall back – In the Spring they go forward, when the leaves fall from the trees, they go back.

Enjoy your extra hour!

Image: Ignacio Sanz under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 31st October, 2010 7:07am



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4 Comments on "Clocks Go Back"

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Or you can remember when the clocks go back based on the reason for them doing so. When its getting darker, ie winter, the clocks go back to give us more daylight. . . its obvious. why would they go forwards now ?


When clocks go back we get a later sun rise, but an eralier sunset. This gives us more light at the start of the working day, but less at the end of it.

shirley boggett

Yes, I have never understood this practice , Jamie. In the end it makes no blooming difference!! Do you know if they do this in Scandinavia, where they have very short hours of daylight in the winter months?

geronimo .

the reason they changed the time was simply to squeeze more work out of the working class if it is not apparent to you look it up power to the people geronimo