New group aims to create a positive vibe in Ryde

A new group aimed at improving the vibrancy of Ryde has been formed. It’s called the Coastal Ryde Group and invites organisations, clubs and societies that are based or operate within the coastal Ryde neighbourhood, to attend their next meeting.

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Stella Davis, Chair – Coastal Ryde Group, writes with this announcement of the new group. Ed

For the past few years a growing number of residents of the coastal area of Ryde have realised that we are under-represented on the Isle of Wight Council – almost a quarter of the population have only one eighth of the councillors – meaning that a vote in Ryde is worth only half of that in other parts of the Island.

This has meant that both the residents of this amazing Regency Town, our Town Council, County Councillors and the town itself are often ignored by the County Council who can outvote our planners and our representatives.

Developments in Ryde
The Ryde School Boarding House is one case in point and it all became too much when plans were shown to the Town Council Planning Committee for large residential developments to be built along the Esplanade, without consultation with our representatives.

These plans are currently being reconsidered.

Public meeting
In the longer term, we intend to work with Ryde Town Council to create a neighbourhood plan for the main Conservation Area and, in the meanwhile, we are asking a representative of organisations, clubs and societies that are based or operate within our neighbourhood area, coastal Ryde, to attend our next meeting.

It takes place at the Royal Esplanade Hotel on Monday 18th June at 7pm.

Creating a positive vibe
Our aim is to ensure that Ryde, its 400 or so listed buildings, its wonderful beach, superb restaurants and oldest leisure pier in the world speaks as one community voice.

We will be looking for ideas for ways to further promote the town and to create a wonderful positive vibe here.

We recognise the need for change, but not just to make money for the County Council to allocate elsewhere.

Image: simonhaytack under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 5th June, 2018 10:59am



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Yet more people dissatisfied with the direction the IWC is taking. I note that the Ryde School development made it into Private Eye last month.

Good luck with taking on the IWC but unfortunately as you say, they won’t want to know unless they can make money out of it.