Concerns raised that dredging off Sandown Bay is eroding beaches

The Isle of Wight MP has written to the Crown Estate to seek reassurance that coastal erosion around the Island is not linked to marine aggregate dredging

Dredger in the water

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely, is investigating concerns raised by residents about dredging activity currently taking place off Sandown Bay.

He has written to The Crown Estate, which is responsible for granting dredging licences, seeking reassurance that coastal erosion around the Island is not linked to marine aggregate dredging.

His approach follows concerns that dredging off the Bay may be linked to the erosion of Sandown and Shanklin beaches.

Concerns for MCZ
Mr Seely said he was also concerned about the impact dredging could have on the Island’s Marine Conservation Zones.

He has asked to see copies of environmental reports on coastal erosion around the Island – in particular in the Bay area – and has asked what environmental impacts were considered prior to work starting.

He said,

“I am told that this is approved marine aggregate dredging but I am checking what that means in terms of impact assessments that have been undertaken prior to work commencing.

“I know residents are concerned that the work might be impacting on the beach, so I am seeking reassurance that this is not the case.”

Well regulated industry
Mr Seely said he understands that the industry is well regulated and that licences are granted only after a regulator and scientific assessors have reviewed impact models submitted by independent bodies.

Mr Seely also asked whether there had been any known illegal dredging around the Island and whether pushing the dredging area away from the Island would have any positive environmental impact.

“I am aware that The Crown Estate works hard to manage the seabed of England, Wales and Northern Ireland in a responsible way and I am grateful for their time.

“However, maritime dredging remains a concern to many people who I know would welcome any further assurance The Crown Estate is able to provide.”

News shared by the office of Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely, in their own words. Ed

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Thursday, 11th March, 2021 10:48am



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Sandown residents are right to be concerned. The licensing areas for seabed aggregate extraction within 6 nautical miles off Sandown Bay and within 12 nm off the south coast of the Island increased from the end of 2017, after a public consultation that I took part in. Search for ‘Marine Aggregate Dredging 1998-2017 Crown Estate, a 20-Year Review’ and scroll down to ‘South Coast Region’ and you… Read more »
Our MP is rightly concerned about the impacts of aggregate dredging off Sandown Bay on our Marine Conservation Zone that stretches from Seaview to Bonchurch. Scientific studies should be carried out. It is not enough for our Government to designate certain areas as MCZs without putting in measures to monitor and protect them. They were created to be safe havens for marine life, act as nurseries for… Read more »

Perhaps the MP could arrange for the excess sands building up in Ryde, by and in the Harbour and along the coast through Players and Binstead to be distributed to our needy neighbours in Sandown and Shanklin!