Consultation on library cut-backs draws closer

The Friends of Ventnor Library will be talking about the proposed cut-backs to staff at Ventnor Library tomorrow evening and how the Ventnor Town Council intend to support them.

Ventnor Library

If you’re concerned about the possible closure of Ventnor Library or the proposed massive reduction in paid staff and possible relocation to the old Youth Centre, why not become a Friend of Ventnor Library?

The group, which was formed after threats by the previous Conservative council to close nine of the eleven libraries on the Island, supports the library in many ways, including regular fundrasising.

The Friends will be meeting at the library on Wednesday (19th) from 6.30pm – the last meeting before the current Isle of Wight consultation closes on 6th September.

There’s a standard agenda, but they will talk about the support being shown by Ventnor Town Council to the reducing staff levels.

Why not pop along and join the Friends?

Tuesday, 18th August, 2015 5:43pm



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Black Dog
I wish the library every success whatever the future may hold for them. It is important that the friends of Ventnor Library study all the information passed to them by the council very carefully indeed. Consideration must be given to any conflict of interest between town and IoW councillors together with the cost of relocating. The costs I make reference to is more than just financial, look… Read more »
Thanks for the publicity, Sally! The more of us who are Friends of Ventnor Library – or any of our libraries – the better we can defend them and defend the librarians against the cuts which the Council feels forced to make because of the cuts by national government. Without books, without stories, without music, without learning and culture, what’s the point of human existence? And democracy… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Rowan. The Council doesn’t ‘feel’ forced to make cuts in non-statutory services, like libraries. It really has little choice so long as this Tory Government, supported by the Island’s Tory MP, wants to crush public services in the name of austerity.


Geoff. Actually libraries ARE a statutory service.

As stated on the cilip website (Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals): “Local councils have to abide by the Public Libraries & Museums Act 1964 which makes public library services a statutory duty for local authorities.”

phil jordan
Geoff/Rowan: Thanks for that Geoff. You are one of a few who have a grasp on the severity of the dire financial plight of this Council. We are, for the most part, way beyond the luxury of choice about where cuts can and/or cannot be made. It’s ALL cuts! However, we are trying to find ways to part fund libraries through some Public Health funding although this,… Read more »

Shanklin Library is a example now,VTC already have taken on staff in other areas, other libraries wll be asked to do the same.Sorry, no get out on this one.

I for another understand the near impossible position local authorities have been placed in by the austerity measures imposed by central government and which seem to be designed to divert blame to councils. Because LAs have a statutory duty to provide a library service I do think that the council could think outside the box and sometimes be a little more creative and entrepreneurial and turn some… Read more »
“And democracy cannot work without educated well-informed citizens.” True! However the last thing the government wants is a democracy despite its pious bleatings, especially one with an educated electorate that can challenges its policies. Even worse, one with an educated working class. How else does one explain left and right government policies over the last four decades that restrict quality education at secondary and tertiary levels to… Read more »

Fervent Tory and quasi-Tory supporters hate the truth being told.

Jane Nash

Libraries are a statutory service. Geoff Lumley should know that.

Steve Goodman
Government should know that running statutory services has to be paid for. We’re not paying any less tax; we are losing the services needed by a civilised society. We’re getting less, paying more, and seeing the gap widening and the misery and resentment increasing. We are being made to pay for non-statutory services like bailing out the dishonest and greedy bankers who were allowed to cause so… Read more »
Jane Nash

Geoff Lumley would do well to look up the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act, which states ‘It shall be the duty of every library authority to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons desiring to make use thereof’. (Section 7(1))

Lord Bermondsey

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retired Hack

Off topic and gratuitously insulting. Grow up.

retired Hack
Jane, I’m afraid you’re fighting old battles which have already been lost. A judicial review into the IWC’s libraries policy was refused in 2011. The inference at the time was that, in the financial circumstances, a reduced service was inevitable and met the minimum legal requirement. Geoff Lumley knows this, and is not the sort of man to roll over if there were any realistic chance of… Read more »
Jane Nash

I was simply pointing out that libraries are a statutory service.

Robert Jones
A library service may be a statutory one, but the way the service is run, financed and housed isn’t defined. So we’ve lost qualified library staff, and are likely to lose buildings too – the courts have not protected those, and will not. In the name of “austerity” local government is being pared to the bone – and all to pay for a bankers’ ramp. IWC is… Read more »