Council Actively Considering Selling Nearly 80 Properties

Nearly 80 council buildings or public spaces are being considered for sale by the Isle of Wight council

The Isle of Wight council has nearly eighty council buildings or public spaces that they’re actively considering selling off.

For Sale signs:The Property Capital Receipts Disposals Programme, as they call it, was most recently updated on 1st April 2012 and we’ve embedded it below for you.

The list is extensive but includes Libraries; Youth Centres; Community buildings; Car Parks; Cottages; Tourist Information Offices; Dingy Parks; Schools; Grazing land – the list goes on, and on, totalling 79 different ‘assets’.

‘Surplus’ assets
Various justifications for their disposal are listed, like – Surplus asset; to enable regeneration (In Seaview!? – Does Seaview need ‘regeneration’?); enable redevelopment; enable residential development.

Only two mention the word “community use” as the reason for sale.

Image: Blech under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 9th May, 2012 4:56pm



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Email updates?

Why don’t they turn one of their buildings into homeless hostel as we dont have one here on the island. Plenty of homeless people but no hostel for them , its a disgrace as most places on the mainland have them.

Michael G

A shelter for the homeless? Are you daft, that would require compassion and consideration for others!


There’s at least one homeless families hostel in Sandown, so I expect there’s more tucked away elsewhere, but no-where near enough provision for what is needed

Victor Meldrew
Whilst agreeing with you regarding the lack of provision of homeless hostels the real need is for a “direct access” hostel and/or Night Shelter. This was identified as a priority need in the special needs housing strategy some 10 years ago and we still await progress. The Sally Ann in Ryde was “supposed” to fill this void but both the Army and Council “bottled out” by putting… Read more »
Does the proposed sale of the Coastal Visitors’ Centre at Salisbury Gardens Ventnor include the green space surrounding the building? This is the only green space in Ventnor, and is used for a wide variety of events throughout the year which are of great value to the community. This space must remain in public ownership, so that it can continue to be used to enhance the life… Read more »

so the Guildhall is up for grabs…no wonder Newport Parish Council didn’t get the community fund for it

suspicious of iw

I wonder who will buy the land in Windsor Road Shanklin and how much for??? One to watch I reckon.


I have to say that I’m always completely puzzled as to why the electorate who voted not only the present council, but coalition government into power by wasting votes, then start complaining when they make decisive decisions to sell off our assets.


Others will be puzzled by your notion of an homogenized electorate.

There are times when assets do become surplus to requirement and it can be prudent to dispose of them, particularly if they are potentially going to be left empty for extended periods. So I can’t knock the Council for wanting to get rid of some dead wood so to speak. But 79 in one fail swoop? Firstly due to general market conditions the price realised for these… Read more »

Mersault commented “..I am guessing the cash raised will be used to offset the debts run up by the ruling group since taking control of County Hall”

Didn’t Albert Camus observe “What is a rebel? A man who says no.” ? Not many rebels in the cabal running the IoW.

Camus, the concluding paragraph in your essay L’Homme Révolté is very apt at this precise moment… ‘Each tells the other that he is not God; this is the end of romanticism. At this moment, when each of us must fit an arrow to his bow and enter lists anew, to reconquer, within history and inspite of it, that which he owns already, the thin yield of his… Read more »
adrian nicholas
Well noticed Jackie! – re Newport’s historic Guildhall. So a ‘firesale’ of publically owned assets at presumably knock-down or giveaway prices. which since despite the nominal prices – may pretty much remain unsold and therefore neglected or disused – since bank interest and domestic lending remains prohibitive for most- with property market prices also further last quarter decreased. This primarily due to Coalition neo-liberalist austerity policy failed… Read more »
Most observers would recognise that the global financial crisis has its roots in incredibly bad property deals. Sub-prime was the tip of the iceberg. The cost of property was subject to massive inflation, far outstripping wages & people’s ability to pay ,who then necessarily undertook more & more debt, leading to liquidity shortening & banking collapses. The perfect storm completed, the economy moved from bricks to clicks.… Read more »
Poetic geezer
So they want to sell all of this property? Who cares? The Tories first target for cuts were students, I wasn’t a student so I kept quiet. Next they went for the disabled. But I’m not disabled, I kept quiet. Then they went for the people on housing benefit. I’m not on that so I kept quiet. Next they cut pensions. I’m not a pensioner so I… Read more »

Martin Niemoller is alive and well on the Island! :-))