Council to suspend floating bridge on Saturday due to predicted winds

Council say it will be suspended due to safety concerns with predicted winds in excess of 20 knots. Launch will be in operation.

floating bridge suspended

The council shared this news to Facebook at 1pm today – it was not sent to the press, but we share it with you here. Ed

Due to the impending arrival of Storm Hannah, we have taken the decision to suspend the Cowes floating bridge Service for the day tomorrow (Saturday 16 March.)

We are taking this safety precaution due to an exceptional situation beyond our control.

With winds predicted to be in excess of 20 knots, the chains need to be slackened to maintain clearances over the chains. With slack chains and strong winds, it is likely that Floating Bridge will be unable to land square to the slipway.

Therefore the decision has been made to suspend the service for the day.

The service is due to resume at 6.30am on Sunday morning.

A passenger launch will be in operation tomorrow from 5am to 10.30pm.

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7 Comments on "Council to suspend floating bridge on Saturday due to predicted winds"

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Very wise decision. So does this mean that everytime there are spring tides and 20 knots of wind, the FB is going to be suspended?? Just missed the FB this morning, the east ramp had just been raised. 28 minutes later I drove onto the west bank. I won’t bother again !!

davee, it’s not spring tide! It’s a weak neap tide. The floating bridge was supposed to be designed to handle 55 knot sustained wind with a strong 5 spring tide also pushing the floating bridge (according to the technical specification). It is utterly inexcusable. And they are spending OUR money – millions – to save face. A few people in County Hall are taking our tax money… Read more »
It’s a neap tide. So no problem there then. A southwesterly wind, which means that the floating bridge is largely protected, which can be seen by the almost flat calm conditions there. I have been using this service since the days of F.B.3. (Designed and built locally) and I cannot remember a time when the service has been suspended for the preposterous reasons given by the council.… Read more »

This is just about a full confession that it is ‘NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE’ in all the years I cannot remember the service ever being cancelled because of wind.

Benny C
It’s time the East Cowes Councillor stepped up and made a (free) referral to the Local Government Ombudsman. Has this been offered or considered? Anyone can do this, on line or by phone ( It definitely looks like a valid case. In the private sector Directors would be dismissed and prevented from serving on a Board for a period of time for presiding over a mess like… Read more »

eastcowes, I did’nt actually say it spring tides. I was assuming the worst case scenario ie. 20 knots of wind and a spring ebb. This will of course save money, by removing the need for a push boat when it gets a bit windy.


Nope davee you are misinformed…

‘Worst case conditions” are Spring ebb of 5 knots in combination with a steady wind of 55 knots as specified in the BCTQ specification paid for with our money by the IW Council and used as the basis for the procurement of FB6.