Council to begin Shanklin cliff repairs next week

Work by a specialist company starts on the 11th March and will fully re-opened in time for start of the Easter holidays.

This in from the council, in their own words, Ed

A section of cliff at Shanklin that fell away resulting in the partial closure of the Sandown to Shanklin cliff footpath will soon be repaired.

In late December following a long periods of adverse weather, a section of cliff near to the Hideaway Cafe fell away.

Part of revetment closed
As a result, the Isle of Wight Council put in place diversions for safety reasons which has meant walkers need to use the pavement next to the main road into Shanklin.

It is hoped that the works to repair the damaged section of the cliff will mean the footpath can be fully re-opened in time for start of the Easter holidays.

Specialist company carrying out repairs
The Isle of Wight Council has commissioned a specialist company to carry out the works, which will begin on 11 March. They will involve abseilers inserting metal poles into the cliff face, installing so-called ‘soil boards’ to replace the fallen section, and then filling in the new section.

The works are estimated to take around two weeks but are dependent on the weather. The diversions remain in place while the works are carried out.

Image: © Isle of Wight Council

Monday, 4th March, 2013 12:01pm



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  1. Any chance of them starting work on the Totland cliff fall at all? Before the end of the century anyway.

  2. Don’t be silly Dalek. You have a Liberal Councillor in Totland. Shanklin has the Leader on its Town Council and his mate so they come top the league. Still look on the bright side, you could have an Independent representing you so your John Howe although not in the premier division is in division one. Those of us poor souls represented by the Independents are down for relegation.

  3. All joking aside, I have just seen photographs of the Totland cliff fall and it is dreadful. Something should be done with urgency.

  4. Problem is are they spending all the funds on the Colwell toilets refurb ? …..before being sold off !!

  5. edddie jeffares

    4.Apr.2013 9:12am

    those councilers need to wake up the island will end up in the sea… get out there and stop dredgen off the island that is playing a big part of wat ur seen to day cliff falls…i would be glad to have a chat about it.@ a meeting.never mind other things. schools which i may add and dont need… roads very bad …..houseing for people outside of the reason on that one.u have to spend out…..good luck in May

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