Council Trying to Sell Off Blackgang Viewpoint Car Park

Are the council really planning to sell of the Blackgang viewpoint car park to ‘protect local tourism’?

The car park that provides the classic view toward the West of Wight from Niton is on a list of council assets that they’re considering selling, VentnorBlog has learnt.

View from Blackgang Viewpoint Carpark by Cor_aleeTheir stated reasoning? “To protect local tourism”. Quite how this will be achieved is far from clear.

It’s not for sale on the open market, but to be sold though what they call a “Restricted Market”.

Special purchaser
The current state of the disposal is, “In negotiation with special purchaser” and they estimate the completion of the sale will be in the second quarter of this year.

Given its emblematic status, incredibly the council has assigned a “Low” value to the land.

No further details are available yet
We have written to the council to find out more details and they’ve told us that they will “look into it”.

Update 14.May.2012: Blackgang Viewpoint Car Park: Council Refuse to Answer VB Questions.

Update 19.July.2012: IWC Forward Plan Reveals Mysterious’ potential purchaser.

Image: © Cor_alee

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23 Comments on "Council Trying to Sell Off Blackgang Viewpoint Car Park"

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This is outrageous! Does this mean that the new owner will be able to charge us to park there? Is there even going to be a car park there still?


no the new owner will probably have good freinds within the planning department and build some
horrible thing there , or charge £20 per car because of insurance costs whatever happens your have to pay to go there if at all


maybe they’ll build a gorgeous coffee shop with panoramic views so you can show people the sights without getting swept away by the wind!
Shame if it goes though, I love that place.


I’d buy it – to make sure that it was kept as a free viewpoint carpark and not ruined by some greedy developer.

In what way can selling the most iconic (in my opinion) of the Island’s viewpoints to a private bidder be considered in the interest of ‘protecting local tourism’????? Seriously am I missing something here? I am trying hard but I cannot for the life of me find even the remotest reason as to why this would be in the public interest. I know times are hard and… Read more »

My guess is that they mean they will not be maintaining it (no surprise there) and that to keep it open and accessable a private buyer is needed thus ‘protecting local tourism’

Could be a great thing…..but history tells us different

witchfinder general

Good move, just be quick about it before it goes the way of the rest of Blackgang and ends up at the bottom of the cliff.

I follow that logic…but it is a slippery slope – once it is no longer a public asset, it is no longer a public asset. And no matter what clauses they apply in the disposal, with time they can be overhauled, modified, changed…. And that’s a risk not worth taking. Although acquisition by the National Trust would be an option that would be less of an issue,… Read more »

Why are you surprised? It is just another example of IoW Council following its ideological masters in Westminster rushing to sell off the family silver cheap to friends while they can.

Thank goodness the Needles Lighthouse is owned by Trinity House not the Council.

Mr J

The National Trust? Hard to see who else they think could operate it in the best interests of tourism.

If it’s not the NT, then it sounds like a dodgy deal.

Retired hack
I just checked the definitive map in the hope of confirming that a public right of way exists through the car park, linking the coastal footpath to the path up to St Catherine’s Oratory, on the other side of the main road. Disappointingly, there is a break in the footpath network at the point where the path from the cliff enters the car park. So it may… Read more »

Sorry to have to say that I personally do not lay any blame at the door of the Isle of Wight Council for this mass selloff, but instead it’s the fault of all those who voted them into power.


That’s like blaming rape on the victims…..

unbelevable scenes
have you really just compared the IoW council to a rapist? you owe an apology to every victim of that crime. as for the car park, its close to blackgang chine, half of which has fallen into the sea over the years. I wonder if they are looking for room to expand and would like to use that car park as overflow parking or something like that?… Read more »
Forever Gullible?
I believe the truth of this sad matter lies in whatever the Council is not telling. Which can be tricky, however, to at least approach the truth, all I need do is reverse their statements. For example, “To protect local tourism” means it has nothing to do with protecting local tourism, or “Decision yet to be taken” means the matter has already been decided, etc. Thus I’m… Read more »

It seems that they try selling off the whole of the Island before the next Council elections…

Victor Meldrew

What’s going to happen to “Uncle Sam”? They are an institution that cannot be allowed to disappear from Island life. Where oh where shall I get my mug of coffee, box of fudge and “99” from now!

Alan Bennett
It’s one of those times i’m glad to be 60! I’ve managed to enjoy places like the viewpoint car park and many others over the years. This Council will oversee the selling off of many, many iconic and irreplaceable Island beauty spots and resources over the coming years, I am so glad I won’t be around to see the inevitable results of the rape and spoiling of… Read more »
Christian Beasley

I just checked and its not April 1st! This idea is not stupid – its way, way, way beyond stupid.

Fred Karno
Selling this asset is of course quite illogical, but there again, this Council seem determined to sell off much of the family silver and once it’s gone; it will never ever be regained or recovered and any immediate financial gains will be short-lived and soon swallowed up. The blame for what’s being sold all over the Island, seems to rest with Cllr George Brown, Pugh’s Deputy, who… Read more »
Senior Service
Do we really know what is going on here? Comments seem to indicate that it is the end of the viewpoint car park. VB has asked the Council, let’s see what they say before jumping to conclusions, by all means lynch them after that if it is not good news! In the meantime perhaps the VB journo’s could contact “Uncle Sams” (The Dyers of Chale Farm), The… Read more »

Just had a look on Google Earth at the viewpoint – Who would buy it ?
At the rate the land is slipping away it will be gone in a few years.

The Pugh Kleptocracy Sells Out the Isle of Wight. “Let’s give quality jobs to our youth! Altogether let’s work for our region!” But No!!! THe leadership is very confused. To sign agreements which give away the resources of the Isle of Wight in contempt of the duty the council to uphold the public interest is precisely what a banana republic does. The definition of a banana republic… Read more »